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Help on pattern a boat top

Started by Therapy, March 24, 2012, 05:56:48 pm

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Frist off i want to thank this site for helping me in the pass
it looks like im about to take the big leap in to the boat top world
I have been searching pattern making for a long time now.
Im going to be using the dot for pattern making

One thing im not to clear on is how to handle the intersection
how do you handle the  tops pattern at the corner
at the window

Do you cut and tape so it lays flat around the window edge
And how do you pattern the side window and top at the same time
using the 6 mil plastic
I will be doing this 88 Rinker 25'

I could use all the help that i can get      Thanks Mike H

Juki 563


Well for me most time I have to pattern from inside the boat so I pattern my top section to the dot take it off the do the windows from inside taping to the frame marking the dot and snapping the pattern onto the snaps this way I can reach outside from in the host not possible i I pattern all the parts top and windows at once.   As far as addressing the windows I tape the window patterns tot he frames and snap them to the bottom mark the seam line of the  ow where the top was marked  then on the table I mark my dipper start and zipper stop locations on the window panel make theese marks 90 degrees to the seam cut line long because you need to shorten the high 1 1/2" for the width of the zipper


What have you learned a out the dot method have you seen the imaginary  dot ? This is where a window say the side window extends past the frame a bit to reach the art Curtisn where you would have a tab either with. Elcro or a fast er to close the hole that is sometime left where all the panel end there zippers  that hole where light Nd rain will. One in and you can stick your finger out with. Tab an Velcro and Velcro on the rain vIsor on the top this will. E closed. It you. We'd the imaginary dot on the patterns to find this spot there's a trick working your pattern on the table. I bough this whole set of video 10 years ago. It this one would be the most helpfully here
Maybe dombidy has one online


  Thanks Mike
  Im watching that video really good suff
  so he made up the dot
  so much info
Juki 563


AAAAAhhhhh the mystery dot . That one got me .
duct tape is like the force . it has a light side , a dark side , and holds the universe together.