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Can someone PLEASE give me some advice on how to upholster this chair?

Started by tiffanefields, April 24, 2012, 05:20:25 pm

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A customer gave me this chair to reupholster for her, but she does not want any tufting on the inside back and seat. She wants those areas to be smooth, nothing fancy. Can someone please give me some advice on rebuilding this chair. Click on the link below to view the chair:


Thanks in advance!


I would advise against trying to do the inside back without some buttons. You don't necessarily have to do deep tufting, but it looks like you'll need some buttons to hold the contour of the back.

Once you've stripped down the inside back, you may find it possible to split it into 3 sections (2 wings, and a center section) if the framework allows. The chair may have had separate wing panels originally.

The seat should be easy, once you've re-tied the springs and added padding.
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Don't do residential furniture but i would equate that chair to a barrel seat in a

Looks like you will need a seam at each wing. I think the trick is to pull the back
center section tight top to bottom first then tension outward.

It might also depend on what material used. Some are more forgiving than others.