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Sewing Machine Upgrade

Started by timtheboatguy, May 11, 2012, 01:23:49 am

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I am currently using a Yamata 5618 that I bought about 18 months ago. I have had zero problems with the machine but I want to purchase a second machine and use the Yamata as a back-up etc. Looking at the Consew 206RB5 and the Juki 1541 and trying to decide between the two. I understand the Juki is made in Japan and the Consew in China. It seems that the Japaneese machine would be better quality based on my experience with other products, however it also cost more $$$$.

Anyone having thoughts on this matter I would appreciate your contribution.


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Check with Greg (Keystone) on this site. I bought a Highlead from him and it's fantastic. A real work horse and very reasonable.
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I've been looking at their website, prices are competitive and I do want to support the community here. Kind of got my heart set on a Juki or Consew but still researching. Thanks for the input on the highlead, had not considered that but will have a look at their product line.

We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction.
Douglas MacArthur


I've been extremely happy with my Juki LU-1508, which is the top load version of the DNU-1541. If for some unforeseen reason I had to replace it, I've always thought that I would go with the 1541. It's about $500 cheaper than the 1508, and I have no real preference as to top or bottom load.
But I've been curious about this one:

It appears to be a generic copy of the Juki for about $300 less. Anybody got any opinions?

I'm starting to think that the anti-China bandwagon is somewhat perpetuated by the E-Bay stores that just drop-ship machines straight to the customer without doing any set-up.

While Consew is getting their machines made in China, the bottom line is that they are still a well respected American company. It's hard for me to believe they would slap their nameplate on a POS.

These theories are all "half-baked". If anyone has another angle, I'm all ears.
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It was my understanding that the Juki was also being made in China now. But I could be wrong. Pfaff moved their production I believe to China as well.

The Consew is a Chinese machine but the 206rb5 is still a work horse and a very reliable machine.
I have a Juki N563 and really like it but prefer the Chandler which is my primary machine. I like the bottom load machines mainly because I am so used to them. I also like the fact that they can have the bobbin changed while on the fly and I also like not having to hold/pull the thread when starting a stitch run.

The Chandler has been a great machine and a great value for what I paid for it. I still like the Consew 206 though.



I also have the Chandler zero problems gregg was very helpful and highly recommended. He was a great help in choosing a machine to fit my budget. Set. The machine up i took it out of the box and off i went


May 12, 2012, 04:25:00 am #6 Last Edit: May 12, 2012, 04:26:37 pm by Eric
If your looking for a consew206rb, I have one for sale. This is a seiko made in Japan, good shape, email me.
$600.00 you pay the shipping. 


May 12, 2012, 02:14:39 pm #7 Last Edit: May 13, 2012, 02:10:28 am by DB
quote][/It was my understanding that the Juki was also being made in China now. But I could be wrong. Pfaff moved their production I believe to China as well.


Can anyone verify this?  The Pfaff website, not long ago indicated that all Pfaff production was moved to Germany by the government.

Some years ago, one Pfaff model, a cheap industrial was started in production in Russia but that flopped early in the plan.  This goes back over 20 years ago.

Also, Sieko made in China?  When did that happen?  To what extent, assembly using Sieko parts perhaps, but does it include parts manufacturing?

Where are the parts made for the Highlead?

Manufacturing is in or has been in a state of flux, we got seats in for CAT and John Deere heavy equipment and both were the same seat built in China.  The only difference being the label.  From observation, the seats are high tech and are not cheap seats.  

China can built as well as anyone if the American spec drives that to happen.  Often, Americans want it cheap and spec it accordingly, China is often  outsourced to for part of a product requirement, but the assembly may not be accomplished by them.  I work on a lot of american new furniture that is basically assembled here but a significant amount of the product may be generated in that country.

Doesn't this bring it full circle to "one could very well get what they pay for"?

There are some very good older machines on the market that would encourage investigation.  Is new always better?



I could be completely wrong Doyle but I thought Pfaff moved its production to China. maybe Greg or Bob knows for sure.

Does Japan make any sewing machines anymore ?



According to this, Pfaff, now operating under the name Mauser Spezial has their management and R&D in Germany, while the factory is in China:

It's funny how we yearn for the "good ole days" when everything was manufactured in Japan.
When I was a kid, my dad considered every Japanese product to be a POS.

I agree with Doyle. China is only giving American companies what they are paying for.
If China won't do it, they'll find a village in Zimbabwe that will.

My competitor in town ordered a Pfaff 1245 from an E-bay store. It had to be timed when it arrived. There was a similar story at Carr's Corner recently.
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I was recently servicing a late model 60hp Mercury outboard- Made In China stamped right on the serial number tag where it used to say Fondulac Wisconson. I guess it's just the way it is now.

Sofadoc, That Reliable looks interesting, may have to look in to that one.

We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction.
Douglas MacArthur


I recently purchased a Juki 1508N from Keysew, and the machine was made in Japan. Chinese quality, just Japanese quality 50 years ago, is rapidly improving, but not enough for me to risk proven quality for what might be good-enough quality. I think I would have preferred German quality, but Japanese price-performacne quality was good-enough.

Juki 1508; Bernina 217 with CAM Reader


May 13, 2012, 02:21:54 am #12 Last Edit: May 13, 2012, 02:27:27 am by DB
Sofadoc that link you provided is very informative, a recent development that is still in transition.  Not only does China become the big player in manufacturing of Pfaff, the link clarifies that China has bought them out.  Germany no longer owns the company.  But there is a flip flop in the deal, China will buy engineering support from Germany.  (The U.S. needs jobs, wouldn't it be encouraging if we could support China some way?)

Thanks Sofadoc, very interesting.
Mauser, the new name for the old Pfaff company has great plans in further development and marketing of of the Mauser, which will now include domestic equipment..........like I say very interesting to say the least.  Wonder who and where the first dealer will be in America?  Or will there be some other marketing approach?

As they say, stay tuned.........


Quote from: DB on May 13, 2012, 02:21:54 am
Wonder who and where the first dealer will be in America?  Or will there be some other marketing approach?
Are you talking about a retail dealer for Mauser Spezial sewing machines? As far as I know, all the existing Pfaff dealerships transferred over.
The Pfaff 1245 now says Mauser Spezial on it.....same model.
Gregg has them:

Looks like they've gone down a couple hundred bucks since Mauser took over.
HOORAY FOR CHINA!!! :D (sarcasm)
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


In perspective since China has bought Pfaff and have plans to be a front runner in the domestic market, their marketing approach would be expected to change.  There is a high dollars domestic market because Mauser, as stated, plans to focus very much on that.  That gets them well into embroidery, serging, and quilting.  Let's not forget that Phaff was part of a holding group for Viking, Singer, as well as for their products.  The domestic market, as demonstrated by Baby Loc and Taconey (sp?) corporation is an arena of big players which Mauser also plans to be with these companies they have bought.

That is why I envision prominent dealers to appear on the scene.  Along with this marketing approach it will be interesting to see if the industrial will be included or will be separate.

Another thought, since Mauser has bought these product companies, does this mean that Singer is history also?

You may be right, shops like Greg and Bob may be the market outlet for the domestic as well as the industrial products?

The 1235 takes on a whole different appearance, doesn't it?