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RV accordion front drapes

Started by CKKC, May 28, 2012, 05:30:33 pm

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Does anyone know of a supplier of the drape carriers for the accordion style front drapes?
I know, it isn't exactly upholstery, but I was hoping someone would know.   All I can find on
the net is the camping world and Blindsparts.com sites.

Thanks for any help you can give!


What track system?

For channel track Manart has the RE3041 Slide-Rite tabs or the RE3100 eyelet.
Look through pages 85-90


Also from Manart is the Yachtrac which requires a snap tape to be sewn onto the
curtain and the receivers clip on the track.

You could just try this place.


If you have the I-beam track and need rollers I need to do some more research.


Thanks for your input!  I'll check them out.


DBR is way out in front of me on this one!  But I think I used I beam track to carry the overhead run of my gravity feed iron and an extension cord that plugs into ceiling outlets.  My track is for hospital examroom curtains and is pretty heavy duty. 


I don't know exactly what you need, but I've ordered a fair amount of stuff from Dyers RV for boat interiors and they have a very comprehensive catalog and good customer service IMHO for the things I've ordered from them. 


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Our RV has the square track mounted on the ceiling that takes the round carriers.  My problem is that the original (1995) carriers are riveted on and the new "sew in" carriers are not solid plastic that would let me drill holes and re-rivet them on.  I guess I just need to find some flat hooks
somewhere that will go through the rivet hole and hook onto the loop of the "large sliding eye"

It is amazing what previous owners of this class A have put on the front curtain!  There must be
5 different kinds of carriers and they don't work right!!

Believe me, your input has been very helpful and I do thank all of you very much.



Maybe no use to you, but have a look for "Swish Furniglyde" which is the smallest track I have seen. It can be screwed or riveted and is flexible.


Very timely on this post. I am in the market for new drapes for the front windshield of our coach. I had them dry cleaned once but the fabric is of such poor quality that they need to be thrown out and anew pair made.

I was going to have my wife sew new ones but she is headed back home for a month in June / July and wont have time. My mistress unfortunately does not sew.  8)   ;D  My wife has told me the next mistress I get better know how to sew or else.

I need to find some nice material and ship it to Bobbin and have her do them for me. :)



May 29, 2012, 07:15:36 pm #9 Last Edit: May 29, 2012, 07:16:51 pm by CKKC
This is the carrier that is supposed to be used.  So many have broken off and someone has put
other carriers on.  This carrier is riveted on and has the plastic on both sides of the curtain.

I would really like to have this original type of carrier.