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So, This IS Unusual, Right??

Started by jojo, May 28, 2012, 09:13:03 pm

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Yeah, it's a 16' steamboat.
And the stack is 6 feet high. So, how would one go about making a cover?  Here's another view:



I would think that a standard boat cover with a hole in the middle for the boiler
Then a sock to fit over the stack
So it is in two bits



The first thing I would do is get on this forum and ask how would one go about making a cover.

Is that plastic all around or, um, oar, is that a wood deck?

It kind of reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The African Queen.

Sorry I can't be of any real help, but thanks for posting the pics.



Pay attention to fire code!  Sunbrella would work fine if you could be certain the owners will only put the cover on when the boiler is adequately cool...

You could use Firesist or any number of other fire-resistant fabrics for the area immediately over the boiler and the collar to go around the flue.  But make sure you address this concern with your customer!


When i was on lake winnipesaukee in nh  there was a steamboat rally held and saw them never covered one

I would do like allen just make a sock for  the stack.
And lone it with maybe herc80 or thet heat shield fabrix that silver foil like


Thats not a gas can next to the boiler, in the second pic, is it? That alone would scare me.

Couldnt you make a cover that would be similar to one of those that goes on a grill with a stack?



Bobbin, I never thought of that; I will bring it up with him. But you'd think nobody would put a cover on something scalding hot. I don't put the cover on my barbeque grill until hours after using it.
And yes, Eagle, that is a gas can.
So this cover will be somewhat tent shaped, with a zippered cutout for the stack and a sock over the sack. Doesn't sound like fun.


Come on Jojo, where's your sense of adventure? I like the sock idea too. Maybe with a zipper half way up so he doesn't need too high of a step ladder to get it on. I think I'd go with herculite (Samson in canada) they make a FR type. At least on the sock. Or line the Sunbrella with it.
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Looks like a 16' steam powered kayak to me. Yeah, pretty unusual. What do they use for fuel?
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Speaking of herculite , I got some in for a job last week and I get a letter from trivantage . A "certificateof flame resistance' . Never seen this before.
duct tape is like the force . it has a light side , a dark side , and holds the universe together.


We use a lot of samson, which I gather is exactly the same as herculite. There are 2 kinds of samson FR and not. They're both exactly the same as far as I know (we only use FR) except FR costs more. You probably ordered not-FR but they shipped you FR for some reason and that came with the certificate.

Just a guess...
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