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One of those..... jobs.

Started by Grebo, June 06, 2012, 12:41:23 pm

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You know the one's,
First I ran out of window vinyl, then run short of (discontinued) canvas, next 6" short of binding, hunted about then found 18" hiding in a corner, fitting on the boat short of "1" popper base, tipped the box  out & found "1".
I don't know if this makes it a lucky or unlucky job  ???

More the point, bad planning on my half  :(
Have to do some re ordering I guess  :-[



Been there just the other day i scronged through skme old. Oxes to gatger and seperste stud from caps snd sockets snd get tid if the trash to do s job. BUt i planned on it   But ya ive run short on binding and such. Had to get. Reative st time to finnish the job.