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July 11, 2020, 10:38:20 pm


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Started by lruthb, June 20, 2012, 03:11:02 pm

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Not upholstery info
My daughter lives in Duluth, MN where it  is called a state of emergency. 100% chance of rain today. She happens to be in Grand Rapids ( across the state ) for a benifit and so many roads are closed she is unable to get home. Duluth has so many sink holes they ask you to stay home. Her room of course has to be in the basement, if she would of had renters ins. that would of helped this poor colledge student. I, never being in a flood, have no ideas of what to expect. What happens now?
I guess there is U-Tube  video of the city.


Well if shes renti g i eould guees it just her stuff furniture  delending on the smount of water upholstered dtuuf eould be shot  tv. Anything


Oh that poor thing!  I never carried renters insurance either, nor was I ever "burned" for lack of it.  My guess would be that depending on how high the water rose and how quickly it receeds would dictate the extent of the damage.  But the liklihood is upholstered items, mattress/box spring, and any affected electronics will be "toast".  I am so sorry, what a drag. 


Thanks guys your responce it settled my anxiety and brought me down to earth and thinking logically. The house is condemned. All of her belongings are trash like you said. She went over a couple towns in order to wash and hopefully save her cloths. She's lucky her car wasn't there and she is fine. The other lucky thing is the landlord is responsible for finding a place for them to live. All will be well. Thanks again.


The important thing is she is well and has transportation. The rest can wait till you get a chance to sort things out.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Did the water rise so high that it ruined all her electronics?