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Anyone else working laborday?

Started by Mike, September 03, 2012, 03:21:58 am

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I fi nished sewin a enclosure saturday now monday morning im coing fo install it   Tuesday inwant to be elsewhere so i have to being a day short this week.


Yep!  I squeezed in a bunch of work in a beauty salon and the reward is a tighter schedule on other work on the list.

I don't mind though, I love it in the shop when the phone doesn't ring and one can get lost in the work.  Plus, it is nice to be busy and pay the bills.

That is a happy Labor Day. ;)



Yup. I have a full quad slide topper order to get done tomorrow.

I have been plagued with car problems this last week. My car blew a rear brake cylinder seal the other day when I was dropping off a couple orders at UPS. Nothing like cruising along at 45 mph and hit the brakes for a red light and the pedal goes to the floor. Yesterday I went to jack up the car so I could start replacing the wheel cylinders and while I was using my floor jack the seal blew on the jack as well. Off to Harbor Freight to buy a big heavy duty floor jack. Thankfully they had a 3 ton on sale and i got the last one. The old floor jack was pretty small and old as the hills.

Went to Advanced Auto today to get the wheel cylinders and damn if the battery in my truck was toast. So had to take the wife's car to Walmart and grab a battery quick. Then went to chase parts. I just got back in the house and am nearly done with the brake job but discovered I need some flare nut wrenches for the brake lines so off to Auto Zone tomorrow morning to get those.

I need to get the brake job wrapped up tomorrow, install the new battery and then get this slide topper order done so I can ship it on Tuesday morning. Another busy day tomorrow.



I work any time I have something to do, I have never been one to say "it's a holiday work must stop!" If I work tomorrow I get it done 1 day sooner and get paid...I even work sundays did a boat cover restitch today, the customers like that quick turn around and it gets them to recommend me more


JD when i cirst stater back in the 90s i had my shop on a large lake in nh. Inalso had a small baitshop nect door so i was there all weekend   even weithout the
Bait  id have  been there as the canvas. Customers  came mostly on the weekend while using the boat then left  it with ne to be done. Soninworked 7 days a weekspring summer and fall and the best part of winters till i moved to florida in 2004   So i know what you meen.  Doing work.  on a sunday.


Going to have lunch at SmoQ, then off to the studio for the rest of the day.



I have a ponoon boat cover and  bimini top to start on today. My wife is a nurse and is working today so I may as well work too. Always need the money it seems.

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Well im a done installed a searay  s
Per enclosure and got paid off money for the bank.
This afgernoon i think ill do a little on my new boat taking off some ild decals.