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Stager zig zag?

Started by needles eye, October 22, 2012, 05:28:45 am

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needles eye

Stager Zig Zag SZ215WNZZ Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Anyone know anything of these particular machines?

One for sale local $1250 ono

For sail repairs

My modified 20u often has to small a throat


Gregg @ Keystone Sewing

Large bobbin top bottom feed with reverse, made by Stager, Japan for a long time.  Stager is no longer in business.

This machine sold in the US as a Consew 146RB for a long time, too.  Good machine, most parts are still available.

needles eye

Thanking you kindly, Sir.
No info on the internet that i could find.
Positive to hear it's Japanese made.
Bless ya heart and cotton sox, Gregg.
Heading out for a bo peep now.
Ta, mark

needles eye

Well, now, Gregg,

she was a real beaut with an almost virgin deck
well maintained and surely suited for a long stretch - heck
a decidely shapely, gleaming body and gorgeous throat
but, one had to reflect on how much is enough work on a boat
considerin' there's probably more funds around in straight lines
then zig zaggin' great big sails and a running out of puff ...
hmm, would rather be flavouring some Florida wines - and other stuff.