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anyone familiar wth this machine

Started by lc, November 03, 2012, 02:46:17 pm

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November 03, 2012, 02:46:17 pm Last Edit: November 03, 2012, 02:47:21 pm by lc
There is an industrial sewing machine for sale I'm not familiar with for    $ 250.   Its calles a Nankajaima DBU  180L-2

Is anyone familiar with it and is it good for upholstery leather etc ??


Juki bought out nakajima. It sounds like a good deal, it should be a nice machine for you, especially a starter machine or backup machine. That particular machine will depend on how it was maintained etc and how much use it saw. Make sure it works to your liking, it shouldnt last long at that price


west coast

I have a Juki and a Nak 280 L the Juki is in my storage locker I really like the Nak and it has not given me an ounce of trouble. Jeeez I hope I did not just jinx myself.

Toledo Mach. Sales

This model# 180 takes different feet & does not have needle feed like the 280 does,it has a walking foot only.You might have some problems if you sew through heavy foam since it doesn't have needle feed but it will work for upholstery & is great for boat canvas.That's a great price,we have or can get feet & etc for it.
We sell New& Used Industrial Sewing Machines,Parts,Needles & Thread.


Thanks everyone

I had never heard of it before but I would like a back up for when my Juki is in a mood , had it serviced so shes running fine now but I tell ya when it acts up It backs me up ! lol