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Switching Lazy Boy handle from one side to the other

Started by Stephen, November 17, 2012, 03:26:55 pm

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Have any of you switched the handle on a LaZBoy recliner from one side to the other side? I had a visitor to Upholstery Resource website ask if that was possible. Apparently he is going to have an operation in the near future and it would be very helpful for him to have the handle switched to the other side.
I have an old LazyBoy recliner at home. I closely inspected the mechanisms and the handle. It looks like it might be possible. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually done if. I have written out a set of instructions that I think would work. LazyBoy Recliner: Changing the Handle to the Other Side. Could you look the article over and see if it seems workable?

Best Wishes,

west coast

I have done a few of them but man its a pain in the butt. I should say that I`m a LZB tech and they have been my specialty for almost 30 years so I do know my way around them but switching the handle is a chore. The last person that asked me to do one got refused because they are so time consuming you just can`t charge enough in my humble opinion. The one trick that I have used when pulling a drive shaft is to mark the pins and drive shaft with a sharpie so you get the drive shaft back in with the proper rotation. 1/4 of a turn in the wrong direction will lead to hours of head scratching. Take pictures print them out and put them beside your chair. Oh and good luck!