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Should I say something?

Started by sofadoc, November 28, 2012, 04:58:24 pm

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I started recovering 40 lobby chairs for a nearby community college. They brought them to me in a big trailer. Most of the chairs were covered in dust and cobwebs.
As I began stripping them down, I discovered 6 fat, healthy Black Widow spiders. I'm not sure how many I DIDN"T find.

I've debated calling the lady at the college who authorized the work, and telling her that I would prefer they not bring me stuff straight out of a barn or shed in the future. But women are squeamish about that sort of thing, and I don't want to freak them out to the point that they won't take delivery.  I guess it's late enough in the year that the little critters will be dying soon. And as long as I've rid the frames of any nests, they shouldn't be popping up in the lobby come spring.

Would you tell her?

BTW I just noticed that spell-check is automatic now. I tried to spell "squeamish" with 2 e's.
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Id keep quiet till im paid last year I was removing seat off a ladys golfcart at here garage  when she saw one I didn't see it come out from under the seat where my hand was 
I don't see a speelcheck


I saw this a few days ago. I still laugh when I watch it. ;D


I would tell her so that she is aware of it. I would not say that I would not receive any more, but suggesting that she have the college kids wipe down the chairs before delivering them is an appropriate suggestion. Young people survive spider bites better than old folks any way.



Quote from: gene on November 28, 2012, 11:22:25 pm
Young people survive spider bites better than old folks any way.


LOL. What collage was it? Maybe one of the kids will turn into Spiderman.

I agree with Mike and Gene. At some point you'll have to tell her. Get the job done first and assure her you exterminated the ones you found.
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