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fair tale brownies

Started by Mike, December 12, 2012, 02:26:36 am

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I got a christmass gift in the mail this afternoon from Miami corp. there all gone now  :'( :'( ;D ;D


Dang them things are good. Got mine but am eating them very slowly. We had a dinner party Sunday and are still eating one of the three apple pies I baked.Yes I bakes and I cook. It is one of my passions. I am a frustrated executive chef wanna be. :)

I think the Fairy Tale brownies are the best in the world. Thank you Miami Corp. You guys rock.




wheres mine!...I guess since my rep isn't mike I dont get no love!


Never heard of them.   Are they made in Colorado or Washington state? ;D

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas A. Edison


I just checked the box.......It appears my wife also likes these brownies. Guess I will have to hide them. :)

Didn't Mike send us this last year too ? I know June got a T-Shirt last summer and when I found out I bugged Mike till he sent me one. :)

JD, Mike and I are not done with MiamiMike. We plan on nailing him for lunch or dinner in Cape Coral at the MFA show in Jan.  ;D

All kidding aside I spent in the 5 figures with Miami last year and I am sure Mike probably was close to 5 figures or maybe did hit that level. After spending that much with a company it is nice to be remembered at Christmas time.

Miami also helps promote Mike and I's businesses on facebook through pictures of our work. I have been highlighted on their facebook page as has Mike. They also produce and send out very nice calendars that highlight their customers work. They really are a true marketing partner. I couldn't do my seminars without their help, input, and support and they have also brought in the manufacturers to help support me with materials ( Sattler and Solarfix ). Very few suppliers out there will go to the lengths Miami will to support you in many different ways. That is why I sole source all my materials through them.

I have dealt with other suppliers in the past and none of them come close to the level of service Miami provides. I cannot say enough good things about MiamiMike. He has always been there with technical advice and support. They rock it out. :)



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Yes i vot a box last year also. And me and mike have had a hard time meeting up as when ever he is dien this way ive been on location working somone day when hebmissed me i csme bsck to find 2 t shirts here. I hope to get a lass and see mike st the show in january.
And i agree they have been the best to deal eith for me ever. Not tyat they havnt had a occational mess u but mike has always taken care right away.


Miami has had a couple hic cups with me but Mike takes care of it right away.

I can remember calling Bry Tech once and also Rochford with a problem and they just should have come out and told me to go pound sand. The reason for me sole sourcing everything through Miami.



I wasn't going to say anything but now that you say this I had trouble with one company after my stroke I have a hard time talking on the phone to be understood, and I had one place, the were tired of dealing with me and were downrite nasty when i wasn't understood about something ,dropped a f bomb  and hung up. the owner awnsers the phone ,

june should know who.


The saga of the brownies continues.

I looked over and seen my wife eating one of my brownies last night so I said " why are you eating my brownies ? " and her reply was " sorry, but I own the company so they are my brownies ".

I waited till she went to bed and ate the last two and put a note inside the box that said
" Sorry boss. Looks like your screwed ".
8)   ;D



wont she be surprised.
if shes the boss
whats that make you?
gopher :P


That makes me her peasant. :)