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July 11, 2020, 10:32:07 pm


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Merry Christmas to all

Started by MinUph, December 22, 2012, 03:12:40 am

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I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas an a Happy and prosperous New Year. Another one down already. They just fly by so fast.
  Stay safe and enjoy the Holidays.
Minichillo's Upholstery


Merry Christmas to you too, Paul!  And also to the rest of the gang on this board.  Best bunch of co-workers I ever had  ;)

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Merry Christmas to all from downunder



Merry Christmas from Kansas to all of you terrific people!!



We had a drive from SE to NE Ohio yesterday.   The weather and road conditions seemed to change about every 10 miles as the temp ranged from 29 to 32 degrees.   One crash scene with about 15 cars and one semi, greasy side up, on both sides of the expressway.   About every exit ramp had one vehicle whose driver got a stark reminder that this is winter driving weather and you can't go 70 mph on untreated pavement. Took a couple of hours to get blood flowing back in my knuckles.

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Quote from: byhammerandhand on December 22, 2012, 03:20:27 pm
About every exit ramp had one vehicle whose driver got a stark reminder that this is winter driving weather and you can't go 70 mph on untreated pavement.
I'm always hearing transplanted Northerners around here laughing at us Texans because we slip and slide around on the roads when we get a little icy rain or snow. They act as if it never happens back home. So you're telling me that you guys have wrecks too? Must be a bunch of Texans on vacation.

Sunny and 65 here. 70 tomorrow. But it's supposed to be cold and sloppy Xmas day.

I have used nary an ounce of propane at my shop so far this year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas from the Lone Star State. Drive safely, and try to keep your boots dry (or at least empty them often). :D
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Darren Henry

Merry Christmas  and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year from the great White North,eh!

Yes we slip and slid on ice too;but we're good at it 'cause it's a sport we've played since high school LOL

No road issues this year,and warming up a bit . It's already -12*C this morning.Yesterday never got above -15*C I think the radio said that's 9*F.
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west coast

Merry Christmas to all !!!! the works all done its time to relax and yes i will have one for you.
Cheers and all the best in the new year


There are certain topics that seem to come up on this forum over and over again.

This topic seems to make the rounds at least once a year.

Anyway, without getting off topic, Merry Christmas to everyone.

Thanks to all those who are willing to share life times of information. Thanks for the banter and the occasional funny Friday.



Merry Christmas from Osceola, WI.
I'm so thankful for all of you when "those times" come up.
We will be eating, enjoying games and tipping a few while we relax. I can not wait for pajama x-mas eve. Just a family tradition.
I hope everybody enjoys a Happy New Year. See you all then!



I just had a minute to jump on line. We are currently in Richmond, VA seeing my daughter and spending time with her and her husband. It was pure hell getting here in this big bus. Fought some horrible winds from FL to VA. headed to Bristol Wednesday to check on our house and then getting out of this cold and heading back home to FL.

Special thank you to Dennis for my Christmas gift. You sir are awesome. Thanks for thinking of me.

To everyone here, may you and your families all be blessed with a wonderful Christmas.



Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year  :D
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