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August 15, 2020, 03:21:49 pm


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Upholstery Springs - Getting The Right Size

Started by Stephen, January 29, 2013, 08:35:22 am

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When I first started ordering upholstery coil springs for retying I had a hard time figuring out what size to order. I wonder if other people might have that same problem. Well, today I've had time to do some cleaning on my shop, so I was sorting and organizing my box of a mess of upholstery springs. After I got them all sorted out I decided to make up a Upholstery Spring Compression Chart to help with figuring what sizes to order.

I only have 6 sizes of upholstery springs on hand, which which are shown in the picture on that other page. So, after doing the compression tests on those that I have, I figured out the approximate compression of the others mathematically.
I'd be happy for any feedback of any of you who do your own compression comparisons.

My objective with the chart is to make it a little easier to order the approximate right size of spring for any job.

Best Wishes,