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new machine for auto upholstery

Started by jasongtr, January 24, 2013, 08:05:20 am

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I've got 2 clutches and a servo and on either clutch, I'm like JD - better control than with the servo.  Best thing about the servo is it's QUIET!!!  thank goodness, and uses less power and generates less heat (a biggie here in South Florida).  I don't even think about it anymore when switching from one machine to another.  Also, my servo does have a brake.  I have to depress the pedal a bit to get the flywheel to release so I can hand-navigate a tight spot.  Same with the clutches.  I don't think servos here are all that much more $$ than the clutches - unless you get a high end one with needle positioning and other kool features.

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Quote from: Darren Henry on January 31, 2013, 12:22:28 am
QuoteWith a clutch motor, the hand wheel can't be turned by hand unless you depress the pedal slightly. With a servo, you can turn it freely anytime.

I've always been curious about that. Is there not a brake with a servo set up? I am not one of those people who are full throttle/slam the brake/repeat; but it is nice to know that all I have to do is rock the heel back and we stop --- now.

June says that her servo DOES have a brake. Mine obviously doesn't have the conventional braking system, because I can turn the hand wheel freely. But all I know is, I can stop on a dime. And I can sew VERY slowly (even on the highest speed setting) if I want to. I can't imagine having more control with any other type (of low cost motor) than I have now.

June says that she can switch back and forth from clutch to servo without missing a beat. Not me. I had one of each for a while. 
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