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July 11, 2020, 08:47:40 pm


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deck water pooling

Started by lruthb, March 02, 2013, 10:32:38 pm

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Hello everybody!

It's that time of year for me when the marine jobs come in. I still have no idea why they all wait till spring, when over the winter would be so much better. Anyway... I am yet to decide how to stop the water from pooling on the sundeck. What do you do? I am wondering if I build up the center and taper down to the sides if that would work. Would it look weird? What about one side, may more on the front or back.? On all of the pontoons I've done it always pools to the front of the pontoon instead of to the back. The front draining of course drips down the seat, by the way the seat is one of the first to go...imagine that! OR do I just redo as it was and quit trying to improve.



Not sure where water is pooling.  You're talking about the canvas cover for the sundeck?  Tent poles don't keep the water off?  Oh, and never stop trying to improve.  There's almost always a better way to do something.  If we quit trying, there's no progress.  Invent away and share with us  :-*

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hight of your poles.  is it pudling in in the water? if the pole isn't high enouh  the boat leans to the stern  and wather can get traped by the front rail if there isn't enough angle to your cover


Sounds like a sundeck to me. A seating or lying area. If this is on the aft end maybe you could taper it front to back ever so slightly to allow water to run off the back. I guess pictures might help but if it isn't floating they won't help. I think a belly in the middle might look awkward. A taper say 3/8" per foot would do. So a 24" deck would taper 3/4" from say 4" in front to 3 1/4" in the rear.
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if the sundeck is on hinges to allow you to get to an outboard motor from inside of the boat, put a raised stop on either side where the sundeck platform rests on the aluminum rails and it will give you the slope back


I first though the reat sunpad or sundeck were you lay to tan. But he said in the cront of the pontoon.
I once had a dealor who. Alled all pontoons covers a playpen cover.

Anyway you need to have enough pitch in your cover to shed the water.
If there something to creat a litte dam the will hole water the weight of the pool will sag the canvas and it will get worse. Ive nit yet tried recacril on a toon.


Had to chuckle about a customer of mine. Bought one of those fits all covers off ebay cheap. 1st time he set it up without any poles or bows and it filled up with water and blew out completely. Then he wants me to fix it. That sharkskin material you see on the 1 year warranty stuff worst marine sells.


Your repair eill probable be or close to ehat he paid for the cover. Lol