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Always With the Questions

Started by jojo, April 24, 2013, 02:39:45 pm

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Hi guys,
So now it's this captains chair:


This is the old cover. I've stripped it and have it finished except for the hole. I sewed a strip of vinyl and welt around the hole, but when I go to pull it tight and staple it, I have a lot of excess fabric inside the hole.
How can I avoid this? Am I supposed to be stretching that strip of vinyl as I sew? It's disheartening, because the rest of the chair looks great.


Did a pontoon chair like that a couple years ago. PITA . Had a flap that zipped together in the hole. Can't remember any trick sorry.
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I remember doing one with a zipper scarab.

Jojo. Is it just stapled with hydem. Show us the wrinkles i dont see why they couldnt be pulled out.   Got tom e tuff to staple inside the hole.ooks tight for my gun.   
On the old skin pic i the dark blue stripe dont line up eith the seat do to the curved back. Id nake them wider to mate up.


Mike, It's being totally redesigned...all white with orange piping, so the only thing i have to line up is the "Y".
So the front of the hole is welt sewn to a 2" flap. It's then pulled and stapled at the back edge, where it's covered with hidem.
But there's just too much fabric on my flap. In the curves you can see all the excess. It's not really wrinkles, its just too much fabric. I just took the cover off to take another stab at it, otherwise I'd post pics.
I can't even picture this zipper that you and scarab speak of. Sound more complicated than it has to be.


  Did you check the original pattern to see if any relief was cut out on the corners?
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We had to put a hole for a seatbelt in a pad we upholster for a roller coaster. Took a while to get them to look good.

You need to shape your border piece. It can't be a rectangle. Where it sews to the inside back it needs to be a curved line. This makes the border become more of a cone than a tube. Then you can pull against the cone to get it tight.
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Pictures worth 1000 words. Exaggerated for effect-

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Well i hope you eork it out.  Littlest thing can Be a pain.
Like me im sitting here waysting time waiting on a drlevery bebore i can leave the shop