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Auestion for the car guys.

Started by Mike, April 24, 2013, 11:30:20 pm

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April 24, 2013, 11:30:20 pm Last Edit: April 25, 2013, 01:54:26 pm by Mike
I dont do car work. Closest i came was i did a out 4 truck bench seat for a friend years ago who sold the trucks.   Today i had a buddy ask about 2 bucket seats there are the harley ford truck seat installed in a jeep. He said the elegric isnt even wired. And if the seats were removed and later install i guest that $600 for the 2 to be recovered foam wasnt bad but did need a small attention was i off?


if you do it Mike i'd be intersted in how it goes ..
just been asked this week to do more auto stuff.


might be too much for the guy rich


You're in the ballpark. Perhaps on the low side.  I'm in the mid-west, and I charge 350 - 450 per bucket seat depending on the complexity of the job. 


$600 might sound like a lot of money to the customer but like said, usually the complexity of the job makes it hard to do nice work and stay in business.

I prefer to not redo the entire seat, reuse what is good and duplicate the rest.

That cuts the work down and makes it easier to pay the bills. 

Then, there is always the worn out foam, what is your method of repairing the foam?

I refill and then reshape best I can.  Works sometimes but often a replacement foam is needed (bun).



well doyle id fix the foam like you  but I don't do cars so I have never replaces the   bun. I was thinking 600 was low but the seats were being delivered,   I gueese I was hogh for him anyway I didn't here back on it , and im glad

Darren Henry

QuoteI didn't here back on it , and im glad

I hear you Bro' . I'm forced to do mickey mouse auto repairs---I'd rather chew tin foil.
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Well I have another car seat to. Got in the car yesterday and the suspension collapsed. It is an unusual design, sheet of coarse weave material, with rubberised sections left and right, clipped to the side rails. The bun sits on that. The failure mode is that the rubberised section splits one side or the other. As these are NLA, I have to work out a new design.


Sounds like the rubber spring pad in an mg / mgb. I just re did a couple mg seats that someone took 1/2 in wood and wiretied that to the frame under the bun. What a hack to save $25 bucks. Take a look at the ones made for the mg's maybe you can make them work? They are readily available and cheap rather than re-inventing something.
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Virgs Sew n Sew

I have a "high end" customer so I usually end up getting around $500.00 on bucket seats.  However, I gauge my customers and will lower my charge if I know they can't afford my usual price.  I still come out OK, just not as much profit.   


Hey Mike,

What happened? Just wondering!

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hi Karen the guy was a cheapo
Darren was just wondering about you with the twister in OK


Well crap-a-doodle...I am well and no twister crunched my tail! Gosh sorry about cheapo fart ball...we all have those now and again :) Hang in, hang on, is all we can do!!
Have a great evening and an even better tomorrow!!!!

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them........http://www.candcupholsterydesigns.com