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Machine service in Phoenix

Started by BigJohn, August 20, 2013, 05:09:10 am

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As I have said in the past we moved to the West Valley of Phoenix area this past October from our long time home in Central Wisconsin and for the past several months we have been at the cottage on Pelican Lake in Northern Wisconsin. When I return to AZ  in a few weeks I will have to seek out a sewing machine mechanic to time and generally tune up my 1245 Pfaff so I can get busy and get a few projects done. Can anyone recommend someone in my area?
                                                      Big John


They are getting very hard to find. Alot of them work on home machines and have little experience with industrials.

Your friends with Bob so maybe contact him and see about shipping yours to him there to have Bobby service it. I took my Chandler and Juki to his shop last month because I was passing by his shop. Just amazing how Bobby got them both sewing perfectly.

If you do not want to ship it to Bob then ask him if he knows of a dealer or service guy in AZ. He has contacts all over the USA and Canada.

BTW, if you ever get anywhere near Toledo, stop in and see the old man. You wont believe the number of machines he has. Hundreds of them and some are very rare antique ones too.



John, give Irv Wilke a call. He works for henderson sewing and lives in Arizona. 800-932-0507


Thanks guys, yes I would like to do business with Bob Kovar if it made economic sense but building a crate to fit and protect a machine in transit and then paying for the shipping all to get an approx. $75.00 tune up just doesn't make sense. I can't say enough good about both Bob and Bobby they have helped me time and time again with quality advice as well as reasonably priced parts.  Eric I plan to check in with Erv Wilke when I get back to Arizona in several weeks, but until then I guess I'll have to make due with sitting on the pontoon boat in the middle of Pelican Lake sipping on one of those drinks with an umbrella in it!

                                                                             Big John