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Gluing vinyl to vinyl

Started by MinUph, August 24, 2013, 01:23:45 pm

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Well I finally got some sample sticks in a couple of weeks ago from Gluestick.com and today I tested them. One was a little better than our normal hot glue but not good enough and the other was a brownish ruff stick I was hoping for positive results but again no good. Se we are still going with the permatex product on this job. Very time consuming squeezing a little on and taping it together. But it holds when cured.
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I wouldn't think that contact adhesive would be practical for applying double welt, unless you can feed a narrow line of it through a nozzle.

What's wrong with a cheap artist's paintbrush? That's what I use for applying it. Five minutes, whilst you do something else and it can be just pressed together.

Best method I've found for getting bulk adhesive on a seam allowance is a hairdresser's hair color bottle.  The local Sally's Beauty Supply sells these squeeze bottles for about $2.  They're soft so your hand doesn't get fatigued laying a long bead of glue.  The nozzle is a perfect size for most liquids.

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Maybe the 1099 from 3M? I had good luck gluing Vinyl to Vinyl with it. I learned about it at the leather workshop offered by Coachtrim. MSC Supplies sells the glue.
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June, that's brilliant!

HH66 is really good stuff, but it's a pain to apply with that crappy little brush. 


The hh66 worked on ne vinyl I tested but not another.
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Hi everyone,

I used to work for a company the made custom Swiss Watch displays so we needed glue that would withstand high heat and glue vinyl to vinyl. We used super glue and two part epoxy. the two part gives you work time and if you just use a little bit there is no mess. You can use t-pins to hold in place till the epoxy sets. will take a little time but works great. You can also look into 3M double sides adhesive tape, they worked excellent also. You can also try the fringe glue from Rowley. and lastly it does not hurt to try Titebond wood glue and pin into place till it sets. I know Marcellus Casket used this technique and I know of a furniture maker that uses the same. What about adhesive for Vinyl tops? Landau

Good Luck and let us know what works

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Darren Henry

In my former life we ran into a sole for Red wing boots [we were their repair depot in Winnipeg] that we could not get to adhere. after much R&D we found that HH66 was the only one that worked.

I carried that and the wisdom of how to use it to my this situation. I have made divers lift bags 12' X what ever circumference you get from 60" in herculite(aka vintex,etc..) that don't leak at 3 + atmospheres of presser @100 ft.

I would suggest that you wipe the surfaces with alcohol and then throw the instructions out the window.

apply 1 coat to both CLEANED surfaces and allow to dry 1 hour. Repeat. Reactivate with a heat gun and press together .You will pull the vinyl off it's backing before you the faces let go.
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