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58 hatteras

Started by Mike, July 30, 2013, 11:35:41 pm

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ive done some more work on this boat I started last year
I startder doing cabin and pilothouse sunscreens and rear deck strataglass en closure panels and a rear cockpit sun shade top
and canbin headliner

then a few months ago I did xome odds n end covers in the cockpit and  bow and bridge seat cushion with sunbrella awning fabric

now I made sunscreen cover for inside the rear deck enclosure panems and a bridge enclosure

sounds like more to come later


Very nice Mike, I always shy away from linings unless they are on boards & I can get them out of the boat.



Thanks suzi. It was the first like that that ive done it was easy being a 45 year old boat that hos they were done no panel just staple in place. There was teak trim around the edge that the owner later reinstalled.


Mike thats some real nice work thanks for puting them pictures up, it must be hot in Florida but sure looks like a cool job your doing.


I see your finally finishing off my boat for me. About time. I have been waiting for how long now ??
3 years ?

Now I suppose you want a check ?  It's in the mail. :)

Nice work Mike.



Nice work Mike. Looks great!
Regal Canvas