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Basic sewing question

Started by islandsewing, September 18, 2013, 02:45:02 pm

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Sailrite adjusts the machines and sends test pieces that were stitched with that machine in the box. I think it's most likely inexperience and have to say, I do think I'm getting better.

I'm been using sunbrella and recently weathermax.


I was thinking about this post as I worked away today.  When I bought my Juki it came fully "adjusted".  But each of us has a our little niche of work and we have our own special preferences. 

I'm still working out the kinks on that machine, esp. with respect to the automatic backtack and getting the tension right on the bobbin case so the antispin washer stops the bobbin in adequate time to prevent a "bird's nest" that requires rethreading!  It works great with 92 thread, not so great with 69, and I'm striking out with 46 these days.  But it all takes time and practice to find the comfort zone.