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What Have I Gotten Myself Into??

Started by jojo, October 31, 2013, 09:12:36 pm

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Thanks for the explanation, DB. I had never thought of looking at it from the x,y, and z axises.

I run into this issue mostly on barrel back chairs. There are some that you just have to have some stretch in the fabric to make it work. I use 3 panels sewn together, but I have done 5 with a microfiber fabric that had no stretch and a very steep back that came out for the lower lumbar then swept back in under that.



     Thank you for that explanation.  I do understand what you are saying.  I just had to think about it some more and think back to my college physics classes. The idea is you don't have the stretch to create the outer arc length while maintaining inside arc length/create bunching.  It's one of those things you learned a long time ago but some how flush...lol

  This was a good subject, it's a great reminder of things to consider when pricing or taking on a job. 

Boats Love Hundred Dollar Bills



So right you are on bidding work, particuarly marine seating.  Stretch needed on some of the issues encountered in that work can be unbelievable.  One has to do everything right, the bidding, the vinyl selection, and tantamount to it all the execution - issues like running the stretch, placement of seams, use of sew foam, and more.

If it all was easy, everyone would be doing it. Thanks for your comments.



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Jojo, I thought of you today!  I looked at a salon, nav. station, V berth on a big sailboat this afternoon.  The salon had 2 captain's chairs in addition to the dinette area.  They weren't too big, but both were barrel back and the top of the backs sloped down to the arms.  Done in 3 pcs. (I looked!) in a nice vinyl.  I told the guy I was "out" on the chairs... I'm no upholsterer.  But man! didn't I wish Sofa., Kody, Gene, DB, et al were closer.