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Phoenix area deal on Juki 1541

Started by BigJohn, December 04, 2013, 05:14:07 pm

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wished i was closer, nice investment machine for sure.


I don't need it. BUT if I were closer........I'd buy it just to keep anyone else from having it :D
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban

Toledo Mach. Sales

Yes,that is a great deal,sounds like no more than what he's sewn it's like new.Somebodty will be getting a bargain.
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What would shipping likely be for a distance of 1000 miles?

Machine, stand, and table being offered.

Cost close to $300 to go and pick it up, plus wear and tear, and time.  Better deal for a local.

It should be like new.



It seems to be a local person, Ive got a text back and he has no means to take it to ship it so a local shipper/ packer that would have to carry out that aspect. I just looked at sunnyside and they have something shipping for 164.00 so i  x3 for my estimate and figured that would be a low starting estimate. Its to much of a new shipping venture for me. I want to say great find and thanks!,  i need to stay around here for the holidays for now, just need more on that end and its capable just not wanting.
Good luck and hope one of you gets a new christmas toy


Yeah, it's only a good deal if you don't have to drive much more than 100 miles for it. 200 tops.

He SAYS that he hasn't sewn much on it.........but how many times has a used car salesman said "Only driven once, by a little old lady in Pasadena"?
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


I agree with ya on 200 i checked craigslist there for local movers i considered ok from 1000miles away, 4guys and a girl in a box truck pic i trust but, if i add a 150. servo. its to much at 800? + 2 dudes n truck 110.minimum2hr, 55.travel minimum, supplies/pallet 100. + 164? and my 4 pots of cheap coffee n generic tylenol 5. = 1384? not bad?
probably more on the 164.estimate truck freight.