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What goes around comes around

Started by sofadoc, November 26, 2013, 07:23:46 pm

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Interesting turn of events late this afternoon. The woman's husband came in and apologized for his wife's attitude. He offered to pay for any damages done to my roof by their roofing crew.

He also brought me a key to the building next door for future access (the building is only used for storage).

My building has a flat roof. 2600 sq.feet with a foam insulation top. The foam was installed 35 years ago. It originally came with a 25 year warranty. Still no leaks, but the foam is badly deteriorated. 
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Glad it worked out that way, Sofad. We spend a lot of time at work and it can become difficult if it's not a pleasant experience.

I'm between you and June on the liability issue. At home I would loan a tool to any neighbor who asked, even if I did not know them very well. I would be glad to help.

At work, I would only loan a tool to a friend or someone I knew well. I won't even sign for a UPS or FedEx package for someone else unless I know the person/company very well. Work is to make money and there are many more liability issues involved. My shop insurance went up 50% this year and I've never had a claim.

As my business advisor at SCORE says, "In business, I can be a nice guy or a business man. But not both. Now I can be a business man who is a nice guy, who puts business issues first."




Actually, I have no concern at all about liability issues. Nor do I worry about my insurance being canceled (since I don't have any). In Texas, we just don't sue each other at the drop of a hat.

My roof is old and weak, and I just didn't want a bunch of men transporting heavy materials across it. They left several cracks in the foam insulation that will have to be patched. The woman's husband has already given me $500 to patch cracks, and promised more if necessary.

He offered to have his roofing crew do the repairs to my roof. But something just doesn't seem right about rewarding the guys that damaged it by hiring them to fix it.

As for loaning tools. I do occasionally, but with no expectation of getting them back in usable condition. Or for that matter, no expectation of getting them back at all. 
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban

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QuoteIn Texas, we just don't sue each other at the drop of a hat

'Cause y'all pack more guns around than a morter platoon. ;D It's a lot of walks home after dark before your case would come up in court.
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Quote from: sofadoc on November 28, 2013, 03:38:41 am
He also brought me a key to the building next door for future access (the building is only used for storage).

I'd say now is a good time to pay a midnight visit and find out what she was so worried you were going to see.

Weapons of mass destruction? Hmm.
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