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Compressor Issues

Started by JuneC, December 27, 2013, 03:29:09 am

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If it will be stationary then go with an oil filled unit. Look for a Porter Cable at Lowes. I have a Portyer stationary unit and a 6 gal portable Porter unit. Both have been great performers. One is 8 years old and the stationary unit is 14 years old.



Update on the compressor if anyone might encounter this problem...

My compressor didn't die, it was suffering from low voltage.  Everything else ran, lights didn't dim (compact fluorescent), no other issues.  The compressor was just bang.... bang..... bang... then threw the breaker.  I didn't realize the voltage issue until my radio started cutting out. 

Now for the kicker.  Yes, I tried it at home.  Home (5 miles away) was having voltage issues as well, all at the same time.  Everything at home ran just fine except for the motor on the icemaker delivery system (through the door).  I was attributing that to the cheap fridge we bought 5 years ago. 

Voltage at the yard hasn't been resolved yet.  At home, the power company changed some grounding wire/device on the transformer out back and it's been fine ever since. 

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My Porter Cable took a total -hit about 3 mos. ago.  It was working harder than it needed to when called upon to service my Juki 1541 and pneumatic stapler.  There seemed to be a leak in the system (pvc piped).  No leaks in the tubing.  Compressor issue.  Turns out it was a regulator failure (fully seized).  And fully PREVENTABLE but I never knew to relieve the pressure on the regulator valve when I wasn't using the compressor.  DUH!

Regulator valve replaced.  I now know to release pressure on that valve whenever the compressor is not in use! (um, duh!).  Reverse thread bleed stem has been replaced with an easy to use valve (ball cock?).  Note to self:  do not take helpmeet's "expertise" as gospel (regardless of how smart s/he is).  I learned more about compressors from the repair guy! and now I understand how they really work and how to prolong their usefulness!


I swear before I read this post a month ago my at least 20 yr old oil-free compressor was FINE . . . then right afterwards it blew a valve . . . hubby determined it was the bleeder valve. After much a-do we finally got the valve and the hubby replaced it . . . worked fine for about 2x and now is leaking worse than before  :(

Thank goodness for my portable unit . . . works for everything but does not have the 'air pull' to fill cushions with a bazooka. I am hopeful that the issues can be solved as I too am not really up for starting over.


I know what you mean, Lo.

I started talking about loosing weight at the end of 2013, and my knee buckled on me last week. I needed crutches to get around up until Wednesday of this week. I'm wearing an ace bandage and icing it every hour. I still can't lift anything.

I told my wife that I'll never think about loosing weight again.  ;D

Also, a car hit a utility poll and the electricity was out in my shop recently. After an hour there was enough electricity to run one somewhat dimly florescent light, and the indicator lights on my two heaters were on but the motors would not run. It is a weird experience to have only a little bit of electricity. I did not try my compressor but I'm sure it would not have run.



Update . . . hubby dismantled and reassembled the unit . . . dang he's G-O-O-D!!! All better again - whew.

Gene . . . that just plain sucks . . . your knee and loss of power :)

Sure hope it improves sooner than later . . . yah know spring is just around the corner (at least that is what I keep repeating to self for the next 90 days . . . mind over matter I say :)

Darren Henry

QuoteMy compressor didn't die, it was suffering from low voltage.

Is that common down your way? I have one compressor that will not run on an extension cord [it must be 14.9 amp  :D], but I wouldn't have ever thought of that where you had been using it in that location before.
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