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Anyone familiar with Quick-Rotan motors? Having trouble with programming P70SE

Started by Mr. Stitchy, January 30, 2014, 07:52:46 am

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Mr. Stitchy

I have a Pfaff 1425 that runs with a Quick-Rotan P70SE.  I have had this machine for years, and it's always had an issue with the sewing programs.  The QR manual says the user can program up to 25 sewing programs, with up to 25 seam sections per program with a maximum of 99 stitches per program.  Ever since I got this machine, I have never been able to get more than 5 sewing programs with 5 seam sections per program.  I have been able to get by without the programs, but I am running a new job with lots of small sections and I really need the extra seam sections to work now.  I finally gave up and decided to see if a complete parameter reset might help.  So I went through and noted all of the parameters in my manual in case I couldn't remember how to set them back up.  I got both programming level B and C parameters noted.

My first issue is that I have several parameters that are not listed in the manual.  I made a note for what they are, but I have no way of knowing what they do.  I proceeded to follow the directions for a factory reset, but I get an error.  The manual says to turn the machine off, hold down 3 keys and the treadle, then release keys and treadle when you turn the machine on.  I get "error 1", which means the treadle is not in the neutral position on machine startup.  I have a standing operator treadle which actually has separate pedals for sewing, foot lift and trim, rather than the traditional treadle that you use the heel down for trimming.  I am wondering if I really need to reset all the parameters to solve my issue and if I am even able to reset it without a traditional pedal. 

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.  As far as I can tell, Quick-Rotan was bought out by Pfaff and I don't think they will support it any more.  I'll try to call them tomorrow, but it's late and I thought someone might know what to do here. Any help would be appreciated.