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cant think about work

Started by Mike, February 11, 2014, 01:48:10 am

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I was making some headway with my workload after a week of rain, then last week I took my dog to the vet after a bloody stool. she got meds and looked better then Friday she looked worse not eating  drinking  or doing her business on Saturday they said to bring her in this morning and I find out she has kidney trouble and after staying there tonight they hope to see improvement. so two more day not working and I get calls today when am I going to start jobs.


Awwww, Mike, hope she feels better soon.  How old is she?  So hard to see innocent animals have issues - they have no idea what's going on. 

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     W. C. Fields


It's tough when a pet gets sick. I hope she pulls through for you Mike. Do some work it will take your mind off this.
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Darren Henry

I'm wishing for a speedy and full recovery for her too Mike. In the mean time; I agree with Paul that being busy  may be better than just pacing and worrying.
Life is a short one way trip, don't blow it!Live hard,die young and leave no ill regrets!


june shes 10 this spring, vet want to keep her one more day to watch her for 48 hours on iv. 

here kidney blood test didn't improve after 12 hours it dosent seem good. its hard to belive ive had her so long. make me wonder if I was to get another dog hos many dogs I have left in me ?

after I got the new this morning I did go do a small pattern and then after lunch took some measurments for a large sailboat dodger and bimini frame  asnd then enclosure I have to do it did take my mind off it but now im done for the day now. and it very quiet at my house


I feel for ya mike. I sure know how a pet can be a large part of your life. Always there, best buds. My parrot mischief has been with me for 20 years. If she even has an off day I worry.


February 12, 2014, 01:03:11 am #6 Last Edit: February 12, 2014, 01:04:15 am by Mike
a good friend of mine has had a parrot sence back around 1980 , he says Chico the burd will probably outlive him. it the little things ill miss ,like when I get home and leaving my garage into  the washroom before the kitchen the last owner installed a cat door and GIGI always sticks here head in the hole looking for me or when I fill the dishwasher she has her head ready to lick anything she can


Very sorry to hear this Mike. I lost my baby, Tessa last year. I still can get upset when I think of her.

It is tough losing your dog. :(



Dogs certainly grab your heart and your wallet.

Our yellow lab is blind with cataracts. I can feel my heart telling me $3,500.00 for cataract surgery is a good thing and I can hear my head telling me "You've got to be nuts?!?" I'm hoping my head continues to win out.

We have a hospice here in town for animals.

I mentioned a few years ago where my wife spent $600 to fix an ulcer on our cats' eyeball. My wife won out on this one.

Yep. Remember to take care of yourself while you're taking care of people and animals that we love.



I feel for you and your dog.  It is tough.
Last week I brought our dog to the vet and because she had a growth on her side.  They tested it and it turns out it is a a mass cell tumor.  We are bringing her in this Friday to have it cut out and then have it tested at the lab.
Pets are just part of the family.


I had a similar decision last week. Our Siamese cat became ill. The vet looked him over, and then sent in an assistant with an estimate of nearly $500 for blood tests, X-rays, and other procedures.

When the assistant detected my apprehension about paying so much, she sent the vet back in to tell me that the cat was probably going to die anyway despite their best efforts. My daughter was with me, and started crying when we talked about euthanizing. So I agreed to let them keep him overnight, get some fluids into him, and X-ray him tomorrow. The next day, an X-ray revealed a mass on his kidney.  At that point, my daughter understood that euthanizing was the best option.
Total cost including euthanizing and cremation: $250.

When I was a kid, my parents would've NEVER DREAMED of paying even 10 bucks at a vet's office. They loved animals, but animals had no monetary value. Their attitude changed once us kids grew up and left the house. She spent 6 grand on eye surgery for her Cocker Spaniel.
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


So sorry about your pup being ill.  I pray she/he will get well soon.  As the other folks have said,
pets are so much a part of our family that it is worrysome when they have a problem.


thankyou Karen  im waiting for the vets call to let me bring here home this afternoon


I'm so sorry to hear that. Your poo is in my prayers.


well me and my brother john came to the hard decision today that it was her time. after 48 hours getting fluids here number only improve a minnow bit still not good the vet bolth days said she aleart and waggin here tail when I called at the end of the day so when she said today maybe we should bring here home and to what we could and bring her back in a few days we thought maybe it wasn't best I pictured here happy ready to go home only for her not to eat or drink again SO WE THOUGHT MAYBE TOUGH HARD NOT TO PROONG HERE ILLNESS.  so when we went over this afternoon she didn't look herself at all only a little tail wag when she saw us reall could walk normal she was so tired and ill looking compared to Monday . y last dog I had to put down 9 year ago that's when I got gigi,. not ashamed to say I balled my eyes today but after I saw here I felt it was the right thing to do ,

Thanks All for the kinds thoughts