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carpeting an engine box

Started by n01945, February 12, 2014, 04:33:33 pm

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Hello everyone. I have a customer who would like me to re-carpet his engine box as it has deteriorated. It is a dome shape and only the bottom half is carpeted (think ski boat). Top is vinyl. This is a first for me. I've ordered extra carpet to deal with the curves and marine carpet adhesive. I know I have to sand the  old stuff off etc and will attempt to place the carpet before glueing to make sure it is laying properly. I figure I will start in the center and move from the left and from the right of center until each side meets up  Any advice re: layout or  gluing etc. would be greatly appreciated! I've got to deal with cut-outs for drink holders and shelves. Thinking cut those last when everything is in place. Carpet doesn't disturb the vinyl that's on top (thank god).


I cant offer much how does the carpet and vinyl separate ? is there a trim fo hide the cut edge of the carpet? I will say just be carful cutting the cup holes after you have a nice looking job the last thing that can ruin your day is pulling a strand and making a big pulled run out of the weave


Does it have to be carpet? Can you just go with vinyl? Is there a reason why it can't be vinyl? I'm curious about this because I have the same project-vinyl on top and carpet around the base. I'm recovering the whole thing, and the customer actually requested vinyl in place of the carpet.


  You have the correct idea on how start. Looking at the cowl face on start in the center making sure you have enough of extra carpet to get around allowing for all curves and extra to trim off later. You will probably have to make 2 V cuts on both sides to get around the different curvature. You can glue the center section and peel back the carpet to make the cuts or use double face tape and some spring clamps to hold it in place while you mark off the cuts. Be sure to glue the cuts well so they don't lift. The cup holders are hard to picture without one. Picture that is. There has to be some way to finish the mating of carpet to vinyl. If no you could bind the top edge or just glue it well. As you said cleaning the old is key to a good glue bond. Use at lease 2 coats preferably three of good contact cement on the carpet and one or two on the shell. Glue as you go as moving it when touching each other will be difficult. Take your time and you will be fine. Lets see it.
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I think that these things are usually carpeted instead of covered in vinyl the lower six inches or so to protect from shoe scuffs and to keep the bottom edge from wearing through. This I learned after covering one in vinyl that originally had carpet, in my case is turned out to be a mistake.

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Thank you - good idea on clamps. And I will use a couple layers of adhesive. The carpet is folded over and under where it meets the vinyl. So in another words, they stapled the vinyl on first then glued the carpet over it.. the cup holder comes out and the carpet has relief cuts and  is glued inside the engine box. The cup holder (plastic square with cup holes) then fits right back over the carpet. I think they use carpet on the bottom because of the water, wear and tear of the foot traffic. He said his carpet on the floor always seems to be wet and I'm not sure how long vinyl would hold up to this.