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How long should restaurant booths last?

Started by sofadoc, February 14, 2014, 05:27:11 pm

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I just came from doing measurements from a local restaurant to do some booths. I haven't had the opportunity do do any yet. I had planned on using Arctic Vinyl that's 40oz. am I on the right track? I don't know how to charge either. The owner just wants bottoms done and "hopes" I can just tighten up the Inside Backs. I informed him they were just as bad.   Does the whole wood frame need to come out?   

Darren Henry

I'd say the arctic is a good call if he wants black (or you have colour options there). It wears well and because it is ejavascript:surroundText('',%20'',%20document.forms.postmodify.message);xpected to have some gas slopped on it (it's for sno-mo seats---) might handle harsh cleaners a bit better than some others.

I don't know what to tell you about price other than leave yourself a fair bit for any "oh-crap" you run into especially as this is your first go. there can be Issues come up ---tell him up front any structural repairs/having to peel off numerous layers of old fabric that the last guy just stapled over etc is extra because you cannot tell until you get in there. If you start low and have to add too much or have to adjust your price for next time ---you're the bad guy. If you come in under quote---you're the new "go to guy/hero". They have to get them done [health codes] so be don't be afraid to ask a fair market value for your work.

QuoteDoes the whole wood frame need to come out?

You will have to go back and check on how they are constructed before you can bid.Most booths have removable seats --either foam on plywood or drop in frame/spring/foam build up, held in place by blocks or occasionally a few screws. I have two restaurants here in town that where the brainchild of some idiot who knew nothing about carpentry or upholstery. the entire booth has to be removed (after you you remove the paneling stapled over the mounting screws and the upholstered bolsters before you can start undoing all the back stapling and needless seams (like I/S back-seat--that is then stapled to the one piece frame  ::) ).
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Spirit Millennium is our preferred vinyl for most projects.  Here is a link to the actual cleaning information.

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