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My New Babies

Started by Mike, February 18, 2014, 01:30:32 am

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It was so quiet with my gig gone so I went to a rescue as I did when I got
gigi.   I saw 2 pup siblings and my heart melted Jenny the skinny with darker ears girl  and Barkley the fuzzy boy





Good for you Mike. They will help.
Minichillo's Upholstery


Pretty sure Gigi is looking down and feeling proud to have had an owner like you that will do for others as you had done for her . . . double the trouble :)

Let the mischief begin! Bow-wow


Sorry Mike but I had to smile over those 4:30 am wake up's you posted about on Facebook. Brings back memories of raising a few pups.

A new puppy can mend the broken heart of a man quickly. Good for you Mike. Glad you got new
pups to brighten your day. :)



If you have a wooden floor in your bedroom you can spray a bit on Endust on the pups and then slide them back and forth under the bed to dust. I tried using my  yellow Labrador but that didn't work - the bed was not high enough and we have carpet. I should have checked before trying it.




Darren Henry

QuoteIf you have a wooden floor in your bedroom you can spray a bit on Endust on the pups and then slide them back and forth under the bed to dust

ROLF laughing; When my sister and I were young (preschool) , Mom would wax the lino floor and then "let us" put our wool socks on and skate in the living room, or pull each other around on a wool blanket while she had her tea and watched "the edge of night".
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west coast

Oh boy theres some good friends way to go rescue is great


Just wonderful, Mike!  Nothing is lonlier than a home mourning a lost pet. 

They're fabulous and so are you for your "rescue" effort. 


The guy with the shelter said they came crom a pet store to big to sell so they end up euthinizing them. ! Can you imagime. Its all about money:(


Cool little couple, I agree with bobbin, you should not be without a dog for to long. We lost ours, a few years ago and within a week we were back down to rescue. Dogs don't live long enough, but I s'pose the up side of that is you get have a number of special friends come into your life over time.


February 20, 2014, 02:10:16 am #10 Last Edit: February 20, 2014, 02:11:19 am by gene
I went to an upscale house this evening to pick up some dining room chairs. As I got to the door, the dog was barking like crazy at me through the window. No one else was home.

The owner pulled up in her car just as I got to the door. As she got out of her car, she told me to go ahead in and get the chairs. The door was unlocked and the dog, Steve, a mixed mut about 9 years old, would not hurt me.

I opened the door and said, "Hey Steve, how ya doin' big boy." The dog tucked it's tale under it's butt and ran whimpering down the hallway. LOL

Not much of a guard dog.

I hope your killer beasts fair a bit better, Mike.



Congrats Mike!  They're a couple of cuties.  If it weren't for my husband, I'd probably have 6 or 8 of them.  I can't stand the idea of putting dogs down just because there's no viable alternative. 

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     W. C. Fields


I'm that way about kitties.  There was story yesterday about a woman who chucked a kitten out the window of her car.  A guy who saw it happen picked it up and took it to the vet.; broken leg and serious road rash.  Who the hell would do such a thing?

The same mindset that would euthanize a pet shop puppy because "it was too old" to be adopted.  Blows my mind.  And we (supposedly "evolved") wonder at the state of the world? doesn't surprise me one bit.  Every animal that's shared our roof has been someone else's reject... unwanted, surrendered for whatever reason, and every one of them has proven to be loyal, affectionate, and loving.  What does that tell us about "cast offs" and the homes that embrace them?

I'll smile whenever I think of your new room-mates, Mike.  :)


its nice ive been coming home   for lunch and have 2 happy tails coming to the door


well done Mike, you're right it shouldn't be allowed to breed animals for selling and then kill them when they get too old ..

cute little companions though heheh