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July 10, 2020, 07:01:28 pm


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Latex foam

Started by bobbin, April 02, 2014, 06:43:26 pm

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Today was my first experience with latex foam (6").  Man, it's heavy and it's "floppy"!  I cut and stuffed a big folding cushion for a queen size berth in the aft cabin of a big sailboat this morning.  It stuffed up nicely, but it was a real "dog" to get the foam properly placed in the corners of the cover.  And it's going to be a real drag to get it onto the boat even though it folds in half and has snaps to keep it folded.  (good thing I had breakfast this morning!)


That's way in the future for me but why the choice is it a green type product. I haven't searched and am sure I would get a better answer here anyway.
Thank you and Good Day


I'm not sure why the customer chose latex foam.  But it's really, really nice stuff! it's kind of squirrely to handle, but it cuts nicely (I have a double blade saw and I use silicone spray on the blades).  You can overcut the latex stuff more than the regular foam, it's "softer" and easier to fit and work into the corners of a cover. 

I'm adding on to V berth cushions that were sized incorrectly (too small) using the left over foam from the aft cabin cushion.  I have the port cushion done and am going to tweak the process on the starboard cushion.

west coast

Sometimes when you are loading a big piece like a vberth try holding the cover with your weak arm and flopping it up,and down while pushing it into the cover with your dominant arm. You would be surprised how easily it goes into the cover just get it started normally then shake the heck out of it. Latex is darn heavy and its a bear even when its tied up and on your shoulder but a big warning be careful of the pilings on your blind side they can jump out and send both you and the beautiful new mattress into the drink, don't ask.