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Poll: Where in the world are you?

Started by byhammerandhand, May 09, 2014, 03:19:11 pm

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Ill just add seldome on here bobbi is in bradenton

Darren Henry

I'm back on the prairies of south western Manitoba near where I grew up.I'm in Brandon [the second largest city in Manitoba] about an hour north of the border and the international peace gardens. I moved back to be closer to my parents. Mom died the week before I was to move, and Dad joined her last Nov. Now that I'm an orphan I'd like to move back to Kenora Ontario.It's thirty some miles [46 km] from the Man/Ont border on the north shore of Lake of the woods at the headwaters of the Winnipeg river. I still have the house there and most of my stuff in storeage.

QuoteWe used to have a lengthy "Where's Waldo" post. The members gave their locations. It got wiped out by a system crash 3-4 years ago

I was in Kenora then. I actually plotted everyone on a Canada/US road map.My thought being that I could be more pertinent if I knew where someone was from. Telling some one to "do it like a snowmobile seat" doesn't mean much in Texas or Spain. I was amazed at the population distributions. Some areas had next to no representation,other areas where as thick as Florida.What stuck me most was that the thickest population was along a line from the Man/Ont border to the north east corner of Florida.
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Spring Hill, Florida - I was in N Tampa at the same location for over 20 yrs and relocated to Spring Hill in 08 - I started and have been in the trade in the Tampa Bay area for almost 40 yrs



May 10, 2014, 08:26:18 pm #18 Last Edit: May 10, 2014, 08:28:11 pm by Mike
rica what is it you do home furniture car marine?

let me add it would be cool if everyone did as I have in your profile what you do and where?
so it show under your avatar


Mike I followed your lead and added some info. Great idea. Now I want the temperature too :)
Minichillo's Upholstery


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There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


"rica what is it you do home furniture car marine?"....

Mike... I have done a lot of different types of projects over the years. At this time, I am primarily targeting Marine soft upholstery with canvas if needed and Medical upholstery. I am still involved with some classic / custom auto projects. Just finishing up a complete upholstery build up on a 69 Mustang convertible. I have a 83 Master Craft Stars and Stripes complete interior to start on this week. What is very interesting about this is there is no existing rear bench in the boat. I have to design and construct it. Now, what is the kicker, back then Master Craft built the backrest using Styrofoam as the frame as to be light weight to be able to take out of the boat is wanted. That is what I kinda deal with - is unique problems that few others in the craft do not want to or can't do. As far as a profile, I do have a link to my website so it kind of gives a jest on what I have done over the years.



Let's also not forget Rick your a master at baby buggy renovations. :)

I take it Karen called you on the Marine interior ? Sorry my friend but I have no time for any other upholstery so I pawn all marine/auto inquiries onto you. :) I did a big job for her replacing a dash on a motorcoach one of her technicians ruined. She was a sweetheart to work with.

See you when I am back in town for that dinner.



West Coast of Wisconsin . . . Mississippi River bluff-lands . . . just north of LaCrosse  8)
by way of West Coast of Illinois (Quad Cities)

Been to Dennis' shop in Greenville en-route from Louisiana to Wisconsin (he is about 30 minutes from husbands side of family) . . . bad news is I was out-numbered by Cowboy fans that day :)

Steve at Silverstone Fabrics

From the mountains of western North Carolina in BOONE, NC. Home of my alma mater Appalachian State University.

........one more thing: APPALACHIAN is pronounced:
App-uh-latch-an!  Apple-ay-shan came about from a place of condescending and implies that you are looking down upon or are better than people of Appalachia.

"These mountains were named after a nation of American Indians living in the Appalachian foothills of present day Alabama and holding territory into the Apalachicola area of  present day Florida. They were known as the Apalachee, and the mountains, river and bay all hold their name and keep it alive, though they no longer exist as a nation, though they were hopefully absorbed into the great Creek Confederacy, descendants of whom still live in parts of the Deep South.
    The name of our mountains is pronounced exactly in the same manner as the Apalachicola River and Bay in Florida, and many of us get quite irritated when people come from other areas and tell us how to pronounce the name of the mountains that are our home. Please, when you come to visit us, pronounce our mountains name in a way that will lie softly on our ears. " Alex Netherton, Appalachian Naturalist


Quote from: RiCat on May 10, 2014, 07:31:50 pm
Spring Hill, Florida - I was in N Tampa at the same location for over 20 yrs and relocated to Spring Hill in 08 - I started and have been in the trade in the Tampa Bay area for almost 40 yrs


Hey Rick,
  Didn't know there were three of us here. Where abouts is your shop?
Minichillo's Upholstery

Danny D.

In D'Iberville, Mississippi, just north of Biloxi and the Gulf.


About 40 miles west of St. Louis, MO

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