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Recliner re-assembly needed

Started by Corner Inc., May 03, 2013, 01:32:10 am

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Corner Inc.

I have an older recliner that I am unable to figure out how to re-assemble.  It is probably in the late 50's or maybe the 60's.  It was upholstered in a rust embossed leaf patterned vinyl.  I have two shoulder bolts and two brackets that seem to go nowhere?  I have pictures but they are too large to upload...Thank you


If you upload first to a storage site like Photobucket, you can copy the IMG thumb and paste it here.

Pictures would really help us to assist you.

Also, post in General Discussion for more responses. We tend to overlook it here.

If the problem is what I'm thinking it is, you'll probably have to remove the outside arm vinyl enough to access the holes where the shoulder bolts come through (there may be nuts that fell off when the bolts were taken out).
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