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Upholster.com/Upholster Magazine Online is for sale.

Started by KenB, July 14, 2014, 05:12:22 pm

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Hi Folks
I'm preparing to sell Upholster Magazine and Vista Uph Enterprises. Time to retire! Online since 1996 and I think I added the Discussion Board the next year.
A big thanks to all you regulars that formed your own community here and helped so many newbies.
I started working for an uncle Jan. 1969 in his shop and on and off for some years until I opened my own in 1976. Up until the internet upholsterers were a pretty isolated bunch. If you wanted to know what was going on "out there" you had to pry the info out of a supplies or fabric salesman.
I think it's pretty therapeutic to share about the stresses etc. of being self-employed especially when you laugh about it with you follow upholsterers.
VUE would be a great add on business or for someone who wants to work from home in their jammies. Also good for an uph supplier that carries more stuff than I do.
Here's more details:
"The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience" -Yogananda


Good luck to you Ken - I / we surely appreciate what you have done here !



You've had a heckuva run Ken. I hope you find the right buyer that not only gives you a fair price for the whole shebang, but also continues to operate it as well as you have all these years.
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


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Good luck Ken, you deserve it and enjoy your retirement, I know you will. I've had a lot of fun on here, thank you.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


I'm a little late to the party, but... thanks, Ken.  You were so kind and helpful to me offline when I was just starting out, and p-a-t-i-e-n-t, too.  Enjoy your retirement (!) and thank you.
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Thank You for your time and energy all these years to put all this together and to keep it going. I sure hope it continues. I love coming here to see what my fellow upholsterers are up to and compare notes, styles, and techniques. What happens if you can not sell? Dare I think of such a thing.


Upholster.com sold! Thanks Everybody!
I'll have the new owner Mike introduce himself here in the next few weeks. He'll being adding foam and upholstery supplies to the site. He currently owns http://www.foamorder.com
"The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience" -Yogananda


Looks to me as though congratulations are in order.  You've been very helpful to me in the past and I wish you good fortune. 


Congrats Ken!

Glad to hear that there will be a smooth transition.

Of course, you probably won't even read this until you get back from sippin' Margaritas on the beach at Maui.
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


Congratulation Ken and thanks for the forums. They have been a good form of enjoyment. Congratulations to Mike also. Maybe you could pass it on to him.
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The transition will take a while and Mike will keep the forum going. The morning I don't have to answer the phone  East Coast time (I'm in Calif.) is the day I know I'm retired. ;D
"The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience" -Yogananda


good luck ken

i am working on retirement now  at 68  and 50 years in the buisnes  i am ready to  git out .
just recovering 40 years


congratulations ken some day I may be able to retire lol


Congrats Ken and thank you so much for all of your time and effort in keeping this forum going.

It has been a very important part of many of our businesses and a place where many of us have learned, grown professionally and formed friendships.

I am hoping Mike continues this forum here for us all.