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Sewing Binding, am i missing something?

Started by Old sailmaker, August 04, 2014, 11:16:35 pm

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Old sailmaker

Mike, it doesnt catch the bottom and it creates a fold in the middle. Allan, i did have it up close to the feet one time but havnt recently. Maybe Ill try it back up close. Just picked up a large boat top, 12x15. ill try it again later this week, lol. Until my patience wavers anyway, lol. Need a body or two to go  marlin fishing tomorrow, anyone game? Lol

Darren Henry

The problem I had with mine was the thickness of the fold ,and too wide. It was like 1/4" on top ,3/8" down,1/4" on bottom and enough room for the binding to twist and move.
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I really feel like the oddball here. I've owned two and they weren't expensive like the ones mentioned here but both worked great. I think I probably bought them on ebay for around 30 bucks or so. The one I have now I did need to open up a little to allow the binding to run through smoother but other than that they were both good. I will say going around corners both inside and out is a bit tough but manageable.
Minichillo's Upholstery


you know salt ive had a couple maybe that didn't work right. it is supposed to fold in the center but you say it folds in the middle ive had this  happened rather then a proper fold it gets a reverse folt in the center
like a "M" shape but ive  if I have one that works I keep. in the past ive dropped them and had to resolder the guide plate back on .. one time Mojo mentioned he dropped his on the flor then rolled his chair on it going to get it   ,  where are you located that your off fishing tomorrow sails must be aest florida maybe


I have both like mike but I prefer the right angle binder . I use a 1" binding and binder. I find this one easier around the corners but misses sometimes in the corners. Bought it from keystone and they set it up for my consew before sending it out.
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Darren Henry

Quoterather then a proper fold it gets a reverse folt in the center
like a "M" shape

I had forgotten about that. Mine did that to.
Life is a short one way trip, don't blow it!Live hard,die young and leave no ill regrets!


I have had the same problem. Turns out, or what I found anyways, was that it wasn't binder but rather the binding itself. I have gotten several rolls of binding in the past where the width was off and to large.



Ya chris ive bgot one. 1" binder and only use it when i bind carlet or i can only  get. 1" once in a whole i get. 1" binding that a bit tight in the folder ive vot some blue right now i havnt used up because of this.   I just made a blue rear shade top on a saili g. At i have to put the covver on tomorow where i discovered the bad bindi g on the shelf still.

Old sailmaker

Yep the ol "M" fold is what ive been getting too. Im going to try to move it as close to the presser foot as I can and see if that helps. Got a job now with a lot of straight runs so ill try again. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions everyone, i really do appreciate it. Craig


Funny aside:  I received one of those annoying Linked In e-mails the other day. 

It was from the guy who (or whose company) fabricated the swingaway right angle binder I purchased (from a wonderful dealer and site member) that didn't work for the stated application and who took so long to retrofit it, in spite of the fact that I provided them with a sample of the problematic stitching/folding, a test sample, and 10 yds. of binding.  And whose fabricators never bothered to read my comments/problems or bothered to do a sample run of the retrofitted binder on the sample I provided that demonstrated the typical cut outs I deal with routinely.  Nor did anyone bother to pick of the telephone and call me to discuss the needed retrofit.  But Mr. Linked In had no trouble telling me that sending "dead Presidents" would hasten the retrofit... (yeah, right)   

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