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July 12, 2020, 04:13:14 pm


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Truxedo velcro

Started by ragtacker, November 15, 2014, 03:16:45 pm

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Ok, all you car guys (I am an old-timer on this board - ask Doyle - but I do furniture, so I haven't posted much lately.)   I have been asked to replace the velcro on a Truxedo lo pro tonneau.  anyone know where I can get it?  Apparently it is specialized to be stiff....

Thanks for any help! 


It's OK to say you do furniture.   No on or with the bias from me -



Hello.. If it is being pulled from the automotive ways w/ "stiff" velcro, there may be a couple of areas to investigate. I see "stiff" hook side of velcro glued into foam pads with loop side velcro being sold as sew on tape to be sewn on back side of corresponding seams in the cover. Back years ago, I came across a stiff hook / loop velcro used to fasten door panels on street rod projects (this I do not use for street rods). I seem to recollect that it was a 3M product sold in rolls. I would think a search w/ 3M or street rod door panels might bring some info...



I think the backing is stiff so as not to pull out of the extrusion on the bed rails. It slides in a channel on the rails right ?
duct tape is like the force . it has a light side , a dark side , and holds the universe together.


Thanks, Rick.  Scarab, that's my understanding.


stiff velcro that slides in an aluminum channel. Basically it a plasticized velcro. 
We actually use this, it is called "Velstick". It can actually come in hook or loop version.
My use is in hanging gym mats on the wall. We use a 2" width.