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Computer Issue

Started by SteveA, November 06, 2014, 11:26:19 am

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The computer has run fine since I bought this HP - w/Windows - 3 years ago. Yesterday I booted up and things weren't right - very slow - flashing screens.  I was able to back up recent work then deleted cookies, browsing, and recycle bin - then ran a malware scan. Security Essentials found and deleted a virus called Trojan win 32 Kovter.c
Nothing in my business has caused more stress than this computer trouble.  Not knowing what to do is difficult.  After the virus was gone - I realized it made changes to settings. I restored to Nov 2nd and things look OK now.  Stress is not trying to get a job out and deal with crazy customers - it's what to do when your computer isn't operating correctly.  Want to know how dependent you are on a computer - deal with a glitch -


I'm shopping for a new one myself.  Can't get by without a working computer. 

Last week mine just quit.  Then it refused to boot at all so I had to bring it up in safe mode and run a CHKDSK /R (check disk with repair) that ran for 7 hours.  It found two bad sectors on the disk and removed them from circulation.  So it's running now, but I have no confidence that it will continue to run. 

I've never had a virus - I have AVAST (free download) running so it prevents malware from loading when I go to some website.  Those side-bar ads you see on many websites contain viruses.  I just recently had it block one from weather.com.  I've also seen them from major news sites like CNN and MSN.  I highly recommend AVAST. 

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I use AVG free edition. It's caught malware and stuff before but I've never had a problem with something causing problems.

I did a quick google search and it seams AVG and Avast are similar.

Backup, backup, backup. I put a $40 check on Quickbooks the other day and backed up Quickbooks. Anytime I change anything on QB I backup. And I backup to a USB drive. I do not leave my backup copy on my hard drive.  It's a great habit to be in.

I also periodically backup any other stuff I want to keep safe.

Being able to restore to an earlier date is another great technique to have at the ready, as you know, SteveA.

If you are not accessing the internet for your business, you can use your business computer only for business and keep it unplugged from the internet. Access the internet on another computer. Just a thought.


Did you notice I typed 'seams' instead of 'seems'?


November 09, 2014, 02:37:52 am #3 Last Edit: November 09, 2014, 02:41:09 am by kodydog
I use Norton with much success. There have been more than one time it has warned me about malicious downloads. It has stopped a few Trojans. And when everything starts to run slow a complete system check "seams" to get every thing back on track.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


We use Norton also.  For supplemental programs that are  free we use malwarebytes, adwcleaner, and ccleaner.  they can be found on bleeping computer or I believe cnet.  They have worked well for us when we came across problems.



Just a suggestion - HP's run hot for some reason so be sure once a month you blow out the intake
where the CPU fan is located. I blow mine and my wifes HP out once a month and the dust and dirt collected on the fan is amazing. It really helps to bring down the temp on the CPU.

I sometimes use compressed air in the whop to blow out all the air intakes on the computer but you can use one of those can's of air.

I use MS virus program. I got rid of Norton because it was major resource hog. Never have gotten a virus with MS Security Essentials. The program June uses is one of the best and is a gold standard among computer geeks. It is a rock solid piece of software.



Hey Chris -
Not as often as you suggest - but I do take the compressor hose/blower attachment with about 15 lbs and hit the 3 fans, heat sync,  mother board, drives, whatever's in there every 6 months.  But this was definitely a virus.  Essentials got it and malwarebytes missed it - go figure.  When I first started with MS about 10 years ago - I had Norton but didn't like the way it was all over the computer and slowed everything down.  Essentials stays out of the way and does a good job for me.  I had Defender before that and for the last 5 years this was the only virus that got through - or at least that I know about.
I think the safe way to operate is scan everything before you open it - which I do.  A Firewall + Router both help -
Explorer settings high - no third party cookies allowed- deny pop ups, network limited -  I do all that stuff -
No matter what - if a hack wants to get into your computer they will - nothing you can do except stay backed up in case of trouble