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Empty Phone Calls.

Started by kodydog, November 05, 2014, 02:56:53 pm

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November 15, 2014, 02:27:20 pm #45 Last Edit: November 15, 2014, 02:29:09 pm by gene
QuoteI can't find it right now,
Darren, 2nd page of this Subject, 2nd post. The medicated meditating Metamuciled dog.

QuoteI tell all these tele marketers they need to speak to Bob but he's out fishing.
Has anyone tried this on their spouse or significant other? Or maybe on your kids? It wouldn't work if your name was actually Bob, though.




Yeah Darren , that is the best , heard that before !
duct tape is like the force . it has a light side , a dark side , and holds the universe together.


duct tape is like the force . it has a light side , a dark side , and holds the universe together.

Virgs Sew n Sew

It has been absolutely unbelievable the last week or so, as far as these scam phone calls go.  We have had one, like every other day, all purporting to be "calling from the Government of the United States".  The funny part is that their accent is such a thick India accent that it is very difficult to even understand and they have mostly been on my cell.  Last time we checked, solicitations were a no-no on cell phones as you are paying for minutes.  Also this is my private cell and not part of Sew 'n Sew. 

Anyway, I got one on my cell yesterday.   I needed full concentration on what I was doing and my cell starts ringing.  This one was not from 202 area code like the others have been.  So I answered it and this thick accent starts in.  I interrupted and said something to the effect of their not even being able to talk correct English and I'm supposed to believe that they are representing my Government.  The guy insisted that he was representing "The Government of the United States".  I interrupted him again and said "Let me guess.  You are going to tell me that you have a grant, probably somewhere around $6,700.00 and all I have to do is call the number you are going to give me along with an "id" number.  Those people will tell me that it costs $100.00 to file for the grant and that the money needs to be sent as soon as possible.  Oh and they will also need my bank account information, probably so they can take every last penny I have."  Before I could tell him what a reprehensible jerk I thought he was, I heard a distinctive "click" on the other end.  Maybe after that call, they will put me on their "no-call" list.  : )



Tuesday I had three messages all from the same guy. He really wanted to get a hold of me because they were about 1/2 hour apart. The guys name was Steve Martin (original huh) and he also spoke with an India accent. Probably the same guy Virginia.

He said I need to contact the Treasury Dept, this is my final notice and failure to do so is a federal crime. So I jotted down the number and did a search on the computer. Many other people were contacted with the same scam. Some even called back and spoke to an angry and rude person.

Here is the # 941-275-8157

Here is the link with the reviews,
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.