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Crypton venting

Started by cajunpedaler, January 29, 2015, 05:37:57 pm

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I am using a COM Crypton fabric.  It came with a user pamphlet.  Suggesting a vent of muslin to let it breathe.  It said it didn't recommend brass vents or grommets.  My dilemma is that the cushions are visible all the way around, they fit in a slatted dining chair.  I *can* make it just one sided, but was thinking of making it flippable.  The customer has stated that she does not want buttons in the seat.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
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I did a Crypton sofa last year. I used brass vents on the cushions. They did appear to be slow for the air to escape and re-inflate. I probably should've used some type of breathable cloth on half of one side. But like you, I was trying to make them reversible.

I think brass vents would work OK. But you would have to really use a lot of them with Crypton in order to allow enough air to pass in and out. Probably best to sacrifice reversibility and go with a breathable cloth on bottom.

I'm also interested to hear some other input.
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January 30, 2015, 12:48:40 am #2 Last Edit: January 30, 2015, 01:02:11 am by gene
I've not done this but I came close. The customer settled on brass vents in the back zipper panel.

Let's say the boxing is 4" with seam allowance and 25" long. Cut the two strips of fabric for the zipper 4" wide, 25" long, and fold in half. This gives you two pieces that are 2" wide and 25" long.

Normally you would sew the zipper to these two strips. But, Crypton is not a normal fabric.

You cannot use muslin for this. Get a fabric that is very loosely woven but strong - it is very breathable. Cut two strips of this fabric 3" wide and 25" long.

Fold these in half to have two strips that are 1 1/2" x 25" long.

Sew the breathable secondary fabric on the inside of the folded face fabric about 1" up from the bottom fold of the face fabric.
You will have a stitch line across the face fabric on each zipper panel.

_________________________________________________________ Top of face fabric that is folded in half.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- stitch seam where the secondary fabric is sewn inside the face fabric. Not inside the fold of the face fabric, but on the back side of the folded face fabric.

__________________________________________________________ This is the bottom edge of the face fabric. Also, the bottom edge of the secondary fabric is on the other side, just a 1/8" or so higher (the folded edge)

Sew the zipper to the secondary fabric that is under the face fabric.

When the zipper is closed, instead of having a 1/4" flap covering the zipper from the top and bottom zipper panels like a normal zipper, you will have a face fabric flap of about 1" covering the secondary fabric that has the zipper sewn to it.

This will give you about 1" of breathable fabric on top and below the zipper, all the way across the back of the cushion cover.

I hope this makes sense.

Think of the finished product like this: If a very large person sits on the cushion quickly, the face fabric flaps covering the zippered secondary fabric will flutter like your lips do when you give someone a raspberry.

If anyone has done this I would like to hear how it turned out.