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August 10, 2020, 11:26:14 pm


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Benefit of the doubt?

Started by sofadoc, April 09, 2015, 04:20:31 am

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Darren Henry

QuotePregnant-freaking-schmegnant: if she has her hands on a cop, there's a possibility she'll get the gun.  And a cop needs to do whatever he must to prevent that kind of deadly escalation.  In the vid, there are two cops right in front of her and the room was small and crowded: she could have killed a few people if she'd gotten that gun.

I've just reviewed that vid for like the umpteenth time and have made two observations: Listen to the sound track and hear the way she is responding to the officers. Then watch the way the deputy on the left jumps back before the punch is thrown.  That is not consistent with " trying to get a better punch in", that body language says she had a hold of something he didn't want her grabbing.

The officer was in a very volatile situation---he had no protection from behind [they were busy with the kids]---the woman who keeps screaming that she is pregnant continues to resist arrest ---and she made him jump like that. INMO he would have been "authorized" to use his tazer or more force to handcuff the woman.

Kudos deputy---bird droppings sensationalist media.
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