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Fabricator who's not delivered the "goods"

Started by bobbin, June 27, 2015, 05:25:18 pm

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I sent specifications for a binder, machine parts, and a deposit to a contractor nearly one year ago.  To date, I've received nothing.  The machine parts are (I suspect) lost (to Wyoming, if he wasn't lying to me).  I've been direct and polite (until last week) and would like your thoughts/suggestions on how to proceed.


To start... a certified letter demanding reimbursement within 30 days. Outline all communications to date in the letter and address it to as many of the owners names you know.  You've been more then patient


I am particularly concerned about the replacement of parts specific to a machine (cylinder bed Nakajima 380 long since out of production), that may require specific fabrication for duplication. 

I've contacted my attorney and have all necessary information at the ready.  The shop has been in business for years and never once did I ever suspect my work order would be given such short shrift!


Sorry,  It seems even as professionals in trades we can and do go above and beyond to do things by the book in order of best practice as taught and or educated, and still have to deal with an Idiot.
Sounds like some conversation has been made, what is this persons title.
I ask because some companies screen email or let some that think they are business leaders screen for them this has been my recent, but finalized problem. Odd I mentioned to them as my email is required to order and has worked for over 500.bucs so far and now it sent to spam ?.
And to think I was helping them with there supplier as was finally understood, this was only because " as Steve mentioned" I sent mailings to others and higher echelon personal, including the main supplier a worldwide company which inspected there U.S. stock of the particular part and finding exactly what I mentioned in all parts thus being defective. These parts were being repeatedly sent to me 2 and no quality control being started on the issue so I sent back with my own shipping as they didn't feel the minor part was worth it (this burned my az).
I included a simple professional assessment just wanting to simply start a proper workup as I was  professionally trained. Bummer to think of some people we have to deal with.
I know this doesn't help much but more than happy to help chase a part or item if you have a number or give me an idea of its description on your 380.

Good day there


I've gone back through my picture files to find the "before" (set up) and "exploded" pictures of the parts I sent out.  I have a copy of the letter I included (with the necessary sample fabric and binding).  I contacted my good friend (a lawyer) and I have a few other "thises and thats" to attend to before the parcel is sent out, registered/return receipt.

Anyone who reads this and is interested in purchasing a custom binder or sewing machine attachment should contact me.  I wish to spare others the irritation this has caused; esp. if you're attempting to repurpose a machine that's now "out of production".