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Bobbin tension setting -

Started by baileyuph, June 28, 2015, 01:36:07 am

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My Consew 111W155 setting seems to have changed while sewing.  What does that mean, time for a new case?  Or a new screw?

Going forward it will be watched to verify any changes.

Great little machine, just wasn't expecting to make this much adjustment ????  It could be me, but did wonder if the setting will change from use and if so what needs replaced?



Sometimes, the tension leaf either develops a groove, or gets flattened out over time.

You might try removing the tension leaf and forming a new bend in it. And you could be right about that little screw. The threads may be almost stripped out, and the screw loosens up on it's own.

I think you meant Singer.
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  I would really be interested in your setting or readjusting in that particular situation.
Your other DA you mention upper and lower tensions very much the same I try to understand that but at this stage I'm so busy working on getting set up I have to keep it in memory.
Anyway that Singer machine was copied by Juki and So many others I am interested in the technique you find handy and other tricks notable that works for you best. ( will sharpen pencil :)
Oh I know somewhere Gregg posted a Navy manual on the Singer recently somewhere and many top dogs thought it had a place special on the shelf. I guess a lot of military personnel critiquing them pages so has to be top shelf.

Its Sunday take it easy


I noticed a change in my sewing a few weeks ago. I checked the bobbin tension and it was loose. I tightened the screw enough so the bobbin hangs from the thread without dropping on it's own, but will drop down a bit if I bounce the bobbin. It runs as good as new.

My guess is that it slowly came loose over time and a few weeks ago it was loose enough for me to notice. It's been a few years since I last adjusted the tension on the bobbin.




I had this happen to me and Bob Kovar recommended I blow the case and tension spring out with air. It had a tiny piece of lint stuck in the spring. Once cleaned out it was fine. I re-set the tension and went on my way.

I also now after so many hours clean the upper tension discs out as well. They really get crudded up.

In the event the tension spring on the case is bad you can order a replacement off E-Bay for $ 15.



I do work that requires I move between 46 and 138 weight thread.  I have two bobbin cases for my Juki 1541.  One handles 46-69 and the other one handles 92 and 138.  Over time I've found that the adjustment between 46 and 69 is a lot easier than between 46 and 138.  I marked the bobbin cases with nail polish and used the same polish to identify the cases containing the bobbins. 

I routinely run stitch samples on the bias to check for good adjustment.  And I routinely use air to blow out and clean the bobbin cases the areas under the feed dogs and throat plates.  Routine maintenance... do it when work is slow(er) and you're not under pressure to finish something. 


Extra bobbin and cases(where required) is a good idea where work requires a range of thread weights/sizes.

Guess this is the day to discuss bobbin stuff; today mine wrapped again.  It has worked very well the last few weeks, but it wrapped a third time and after investigating, it wasn't due to thread or tension settings.  It was the knee light mechanism, hanging after release.  It took a few moments to find that one.

Got it working but needs new spring - this is my consew 111W155 copy.  Sure like that machine, seems to be my pick for very detailed lower volume sewing (small bobbin).

Hope to get a spring replacement soon.

But, I just remembered - no nail polish.  Will have to make a label on storage board.