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Deck Enclosure

Started by jojo, July 02, 2015, 12:13:14 am

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The deck is on the second floor, and the hot tub is under the deck. The customer wants an enclosure, (Sunbrella, no windows) and wants the panels to slide on a track like this:


Can you do this with Sunbrella marine/awning fabric, or is it too stiff?
Also, where can I get this track and what is it called?
Finally, How would I fasten the bottom track to concrete?
Thanks in advance for any answers!


  I would think the awning Sunbrella might be a bit stiff. You could use cushion grade.
  Where is this anyway? PA?
  If it up there there are many choices in tracks. I'm thinking of a plastic track that I use in my vans for a curtain. I will have to look it up if you want it. As for the bottom track. It looks like there are possibly pipe bracketing screwed to the floor in the picture. This would require a special bend of a round rod of some sort and fastening could be done with Redheads. You would need a hammer drill. If you are not familiar doing this sort of thing I would not try here. Spoiling a concrete floor would be a big no no.
  If these are never to be opened you could use the awning grade. It will last longer. Also if this is a wood framed room you could just fasten the bottom with snaps on the wall.
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I agree with paul maybe furniture grade would open better but still look like sujnbrella it appears there may be snaps down the sides and the bottoms appear to be fastned to the bottom ot the railing on the deck between the colums  you could use a aluminum t like a bimini would be made with on top with boat top fittings snaps on the sides and bottom to the safety rail


Thanks guys. Yes, I'm in PA, and yes, they want to be able to slide the curtains open, rather than unsnap and roll up. Another problem is that nothing is square or even. Like the center support of the deck is set back further than the corner posts, and lots of other anomolies that I'm going to have to deal with.

So what is sewn to the sunbrella at the top and bottom?


It kinda look like there might be snaps top and bottom. Don't know why. In your picture the safety railing is in place is it the same with your install?
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This more "window treatment" than porch "enclosure".  Why? because the panels need to accordion fold "out of the way" when privacy is not required. 

You can use awning weight Sunbrella successfully but it's critically important to properly space the carriers that will move the fabric smoothly along the track and allow it to "stack" neatly in the fully retracted position.  This the basis of success when planning pinch pleated drapery treatments, esp. when using a traverse rod. 

Whenever you want an "accordion fold" you have to accept that the fully "folded/retracted" treatment has to end up somehwhere.  And you have to plan for it beforehand!  You either "lose vision field" or you figure out how to "STACK" the retracted treatment beyond the open window space. 

The basic rule of thumb is that a pinch pleated window treatment requires 1/3 the width of the window/space in question to fully retract from the vision space.    I hope this helps.


never did this but what if you have a awning track at the top and then on your sunbrella sew as bobbin stated evenly spaces small sections of kedar welt maybe 3" strip every so far maybe one every 9" so you could slide then to the side and stack up at the end of the track. maybe snaps on the sides to hold them closed when wanted closed.