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The joys of being self-employed

Started by byhammerandhand, July 02, 2015, 01:54:26 pm

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Darren Henry

I was just getting ready to ask about you folks' opinion on Donald Trump and the "drama" he's already created. The radio station I listen to most [if I get to be left alone in my own little cave] at work has been having quite a bit of discussion about his running and his exploits between the staffers on air. Very few of them think he would ever win---but many think with pockets that deep and his "celebrity " status he might be a contender. The almost unanimous statement though has been---" With that arrogance and mouth---what would international relations become????".
Life is a short one way trip, don't blow it!Live hard,die young and leave no ill regrets!


Exactly Darren - imagine a slip of the tongue when dealing with super powers.  I will tell you this ....... the conservative stations here are all getting on board and backing this guy.  On the plus side - he can't be bought - he can turn raffia to gold - and he isn't afraid to state the flaws in the system that need changing.  After years of politicians maybe it's time for a successful businessman to run the show. 


Darren Henry

That was the other thing that made him a contender. People are tired of politics---they want a more "business like" government. Never mind what party came up with the idea; if it's going to work, do it----if it isn't working change it.   
Life is a short one way trip, don't blow it!Live hard,die young and leave no ill regrets!


OK, we've got the politics, now are we going to debate religion?   ;-)

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas A. Edison


July 09, 2015, 01:22:46 pm #34 Last Edit: July 09, 2015, 01:31:11 pm by gene
The only difference between liberal Democrats and main stream Republicans is that Republicans are building a s-o-c-i-a-l-i-s-t government at a slower pace. RINO's = Republican In Name Only.

Republicans hold the house and Senate and most of the Republican leaderships' efforts so far have been to punish the more conservative Republicans for not going along with Obama's policies.

Trump got in trouble for saying the truth about Mexican illegal immigrants. 100% of the criticism is about the fact that he said it. No one is claiming that the content of what he said is wrong.

I think folks are starting to realize that political correctness is a system of lies used to deceive the peoples and to force through liberal policies that are good for only an elite few.

Just my opinion. Opinions are like belly buttons. We all have one. Except the neighbors 3 doors down. I'm certain they are aliens living on our planet to study us to see if we could be a viable food source for their home planets future use.



Sorry Keith. I posted some more dribble about politics at the same time you posted the invite to start the inane babbling about religion.

I'll sum up all political and religious discussions about politics and religion: You're wrong. No, you're wrong. No, you're wrong. No, you're wrong. No, you're wrong...

I had lunch with a friend last week and he actually had tears of anger running down his face as he told me how George W and the oil companies are the only reason people do not believe in man made global warming. Does this fit under 'politics' or 'religion'? I make the argument for religion.




Quote from: Darren Henry on July 09, 2015, 12:26:05 pm
Never mind what party came up with the idea; if it's going to work, do it----if it isn't working change it.
The problem is........the opposing party is NEVER satisfied that ANY current system is "working".

Whichever party is in power always says "We've taken giant strides in the right direction, but there's still more work to do (so please re-elect us)".

The opposition always says "Everything is broken. Everything needs total change".

Then some wiseacre will chime in with "We need to put our differences aside and work together". He usually gets a big round of applause for making such a profound statement (as if it's never been said before).

But anytime a politician says "Can't we all work together?", what he really means is "Can't we all do it MY way?"
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


As all this rolls out, how does anyone see future joy in being self employed in the upholstery business?  Times are changing, it can be said again, there aren't many new people engaging in our type of business.  Cell phones, smart phones, web sites, and internet shopping is the concentration of the folk, how can that lead to small shop ownership like a few here?

We all can't work for the governments, or just draw a check, bills have to be paid if that is important anymore?  Governments just keep asking for more taxes and get bigger, leaving less money in people control.



July 10, 2015, 11:10:54 pm #38 Last Edit: July 11, 2015, 04:17:57 am by brmax
It is difficult for the politicians as they cannot afford to lose some states in voting being there is so many in particular populations even though they are in sanctuary status. hmm?

The same old dilemma citizens allowed to collect a check without doing the labor, use to be tough to get as you had to put something in, now theres so many programs some how its possible to just put some old flip flops in line and stay sitting down while thumbing the smart phone until some gubmnt personell doing their job come and gets the one siting in chair, oh wait wait they have to get there flip flops still holding there place in line.

That's where my taxes go, went, and continue to support ?, very little the needed one I wish to help.
When is a politician going to step up and say that in national debate "continuously"

There will always be task and repair jobs for people in the trades as that's "work" so they will continue to view it as acceptable when they enjoy doing it though sometimes to cheap, that Im sorry for because they are usually the artist among us and deserve more.

They just keep getting up, back on the horse


I'm sorry, you guys.  I don't really have a problem with a movement toward a more "sot" government.  I think the USA could learn a lot from Germany, Switzerland, and the rest of the European models with respect to health care.  They have better overall health and maybe the "cost" is higher but their citizens don't lose everything when they're faced with a catastrophic health crisis.  What are the "hidden" costs when families in the USA go bankrupt as a result of medical care.  Eliminate the profit motive in health care.  Big pharma and the rest of the medical "pig" need to go on a diet. 

"Mismanagement" is the problem with respect to "armed conflicts"? are you on drugs?  I was opposed to the first move on Afghanistan, but I was vocal and absolutely opposed to the "mission creep" into Iraq... completely unfunded and that was going to take 14 mos. according to Mr. Rumsfeld... LOL (did you really believe that? were you alive during Viet Nam? did you learn nothing from that debacle?).  How many deferments did the who Dubya crew receive? (prolly 3 less than Dick Cheney?).  Spare me.  Nearly 13 yrs. on, no end in sight.  And where has the real cost of all that foolishness been placed in the "accounting"? onto the National Debt... because, heaven forbid... we might have to... (drum roll) raise taxes.  I say, raise 'em! every stooge in this country of ours needs to feel the pain of war.  How about we put a 100% tax on Nascar tickets, or Skoal chewing tobacco, Confederate flag sales? jeez how about GASOLINE?  Or... wow! how about a tax on every single stock trade made on Wall Street?  Oh, that's right... "no new taxes"!  And the same people who refuse to accept responsibility and "pony up" are the very same people who grouse endlessly about how overtaxed they are.  Give me a break.  Hey, whatever happened to looking at taxes as your patriotic responsibility? the country that allowed you to become wealthy now needs your help... pony up and quit complaining.  The tab's due, time to grow up and pay up.


 We're not in Europe we can't do things as they do.  You can't take the profit out of health care - for one thing who would go through the expense of a medical education for minimal returns ?  We don't know everything the military strategists know - but when those buildings fell down in lower Manhattan and the other sites that were hit everyone wanted to do something.  Actions are in response to our freedom being at risk.  Both sides of the isle escaped serving.  Raise taxes - aren't we paying enough ?  How about a Senator earning over $ 200,000 / year to fund raise - that doesn't bother you ? 
If only accountants ran the country instead of politicians we'd be in better shape. 



We're definitely not in Europe, but why are you so eager to buy in to the "capitalist" clap trap when you're the one getting stuck with the bill and the big boys (who write legislation) aren't?  I think European countries are leagues ahead of us in many spheres, frankly.  Health care is right up there at the top, Steve.  This household was without ANY healthcare for 5 (count 'em!) years.  And during those years I took care of my frail, elderly mother in our home... while working full time (think Ann Romney could "relate"? DOUBT IT).  And why are you so opposed to "socializing" medicine? what's so wrong with making the heretofore vaunted medical profession more "social".  Why shouldn't we make a medical education publically funded and less specialized and move toward a system that encourages a more basic focus on medical training... one that builds health rather than relies on high cost, specialized, "call in the cavalry" treatments (usually at the end of life)?  Why can't we do things the way "they do" when they're clearly doing it more effectively and efficiently than we are?

9/11.  I've never more stunned and appalled than I was that day.  And I knew, as I watched the towers crumble that my country would blunder into the ant trap set up by Osama Bin Laden and his cronies.  And everyone would react viscerally and we'd have to "kick ass".  Get real, the FBI and the CIA have been in a budgetary range war for decades... but each were equally complicit because neither was willing to share important information that could have stopped those clowns from murdering nearly 3000 people.  No one talks about that dirty side of the whole horrible affair, nor do they reference the very clear warnings that were overlooked repeatedly by the White House. 

Nothing that happened on that awful day threatened "our freedom" in any credible way, Steve.  Did it frighten us? certainly it did.  But was Al Qaida capable of really threatening the USA? no, not in my opinion or the opinion of many really smart, involved people.  The only thing those clowns had in their favor was that they managed to stymie the FBI  and the CIA... they embarrassed the USA and our fat, dumb, and happy sense of "security".  And 3000 people paid with their lives.  And, true to form we sent out the jets and bombs, shock and awe/etc., and look where it's gotten us. 

"another day older and deeper it debt".  I don't think the way you do.  I don't think reacting viscerally is smart if you take the long view.  And nearly 13 yrs. on, with the entire cost of the "war" considered I think people who took the long view were right.  I think the citizenry of our wonderful country needs to start, "thinkin' with the big head".    Spend my tax dollars here, in my country, and let's start making lives better here.  If we're going to rebuild infrastructure let's do it here... not in Iraq... where our bungled attempt at "nation building" unleashed a civil war that virtually destroyed what had been the most secular of the Middle East countries and stuck people like you and me with the bill. 


I don't know - it just seems like this Country should prosper being capitalist more then any other economic form.  I want to be here in America - I wouldn't live in Europe - would you ?   Free schooling sounds wonderful but not realistic.  At that time no leader would have layed down with our security at stake and said " I hope they don't do anything else"  -  Don't forget USA was hit multiple times all over the world before the second 911.
Boston a few years ago seems like nothing to worry about ? Tell that to the folks with no legs !   Going to the middle east slowed the growth and planning of all these groups that wanted to erase Americans.  No one wants war - me as much as you.  Were not going into a country with the purpose of hurting people - were going there to stop killers.  911 will be thought of as nothing if their means to hurt us increases. 
Debt is mismanagement.  I have ACA insurance and because of it and a $ 10,000.00 deductible for the two years I've had it I virtually have no insurance. 18 trillion and counting - not mismanagement ?  And you want to give them more tax dollars ?   Bring in the accountants -



As I said before, I haven't had a reason to test the ACA marketplace because I am insured through my wife's employer.

My wife talks to many clients every day at the bank where she works. The responses concerning O-care are all over the road. Some report wonderful coverage for around $200 a month. Others complain of really crappy coverage with ridiculous deductibles for over $600 a month. I don't understand how the numbers can vary so greatly. As Steve says, with a $10K deductible, only a catastrophic illness will produce a return on his health investment.

Can anyone explain the wide variance?

"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


July 12, 2015, 03:34:19 pm #44 Last Edit: July 12, 2015, 03:37:32 pm by gene
QuoteCan anyone explain the wide variance?

Yes. You have the government in the process of taking over health care. There are government mandated prices to be lower than the private sector for the purpose of making O care look good and to run the private sector out of business. The private sector cannot compete with these lower mandated O care prices. Once the private sector goes out of business or is absorbed into the government controlled health care system, that is when the variance will come to an end.

AND, what do you think boys and girls? Will health care costs be higher or lower? And will health care be better or worse? What does history tell us about anything that any government takes control of?

Hey, at least evil foreign rich people who have much better health care than we do, especially those in Europe, will stop coming to the USA for their health care.