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What one change would help the bottom line???

Started by baileyuph, July 11, 2015, 11:24:24 pm

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The past few days business has been brisk, focus on getting work delivered has been strong.  But, why is it during times like this, non customer calls (several) come in wanting to sell me a web site or upgrade one, get me to implement their credit card system, offering my business a relatively big loan (these are loan company reps calling I presume), a phone company wanting to sell a service - on and on.  You get the drift and likely share the experience.

But, it is not good because it impacts my efficiency!

I can't hire someone to "just" answer the phone to keep me working.

Get a number of calls like this or more?

I have a recorder but when I let it kick in, it is a real customer ----Can't win!



Yes Doyle I 'm fairly certain we all get these call daily. They are a time killer. Luckily I have help with the phone so I don't get distracted.
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My work phone number is my cell phone number. It was one of the first land lines to be converted over to a cell phone number.  I think this is why I get so many sales people on my cell phone. Yes, I've filled in the great Fed no call list.

I never answer my phone unless I recognize the number. And sometimes I don't answer it if I do.  :)

I've tried answering the phone as soon as I hear it ring. I've tried waiting until 11 and 4:30 to check messages and make any needed call backs. I've found that answering when I hear the phone ring, if I recognize the number, is the best way to go.

I have a lot of repeat customers so this may not be the way to go if you are seeking the bulk of your business from new folks.

A bluetooth in your ear where you can immediately answer, say "No thank you" to the sales people and have minimal distraction to your work, may be helpful.



Caller ID really helps. If its a call from California I doubt if its about getting something reupholstered here in Florida. Also if caller ID says something about "business financing" you can bet its spam. With these type calls I just let it ring. Sorry.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


You never know when a local person/customer kept their old number from another area code -


Quote from: SteveA on July 12, 2015, 11:42:44 am
You never know when a local person/customer kept their old number from another area code -
That's actually happening to me a lot now. I see on the caller ID that the call is coming from out of state, so I immediately assume that it is a telemarketer. But several times a week, it turns out to be a local customer.

The calls about business loans, CC processing, websites, insurance, and Google listing account for around 7 out of every 10 calls that I receive. I've tried the "Press 9 to be removed from our call list" option a million times. It does no good. Your number goes right back into the auto-dial system.
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I was getting alot of telemarketer calls on our business cell phone. I answer the phone with my first name only and would them I am on the Federal do not call list and that this is a private cell phone and not to call back. One telemarketer told me frankly that they had the number listed as a business and that he would change it to a private cell so when the list got sent off to other telemarketing companies they would know. He said this would go out into the system and by gosh within a month the telemarketer calls stopped.

We get one or two a month and that is about it. Unfortunately our customers are located all over the USA and Canada. We have to answer each phone call as almost all of them are orders or request for quotes.

Part of the benefit of having our manager now is I can spend more time handling technical phone calls. I get alot of them every week but it is part of doing business and our customer support is what has made us successful.



I see also that ppl will use a out of state phone number when inquiring about having a project done. In our area (West Central Fla) we have ppl that have multiple homes, going back and forth from up north to here. From the website, I also have calls sometimes from other parts of the country inquiring about particulars of upholstery - especially aspects of street rods and sometimes motorcycle seats. I am careful when seeing out of state because I never know. What I have noticed, if I answer a call from out of state and there is no answer after three hello's, then it is a telemarketing call. They are waiting for their system to kick in. Thus, if no one is there immediately, I hang up. Very rarely it will be legit and if it is the other party will usually call right back. Now, what really torks me is when a out of state telemarketing company will use our local area code. I did take the time on one of them to do some ass chewin on that. Probably did not do no good, but it made me feel better.



July 16, 2015, 03:45:29 am #8 Last Edit: July 16, 2015, 03:47:25 am by kodydog
Okay, I get what y'all are saying about out of state callers. They may be a legit customer.

Today I was expecting some calls so when I got one from form Interlachen Fl. I answered. And it's someone with a foreign accent who wanted to update my Google account. Defiantly spam but I let her go on. First question is whats my name???. Really, YOUR calling me and you don't even know who I am. This go's on for a while and I interrupted her more than once to ask if she was just gathering information to be put on a solicited list.

She assured me this was not her intent and kept right on with the questions. When she got to the question, who is your credit card company, I told her this is not information google needs and I am ending this call. As I was hanging up I heard her scream something into the phone.

3 secs later the phone rings. Interlachen Fl. It rang 3 more times. She really wanted to talk to me. I didn't answer.

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.



A telemarketer told me that they get our phone numbers direct from the State of Florida's corporations listing. So if you have a registered business in Florida then your phone number is gleaned from their records ( freedom of information ) and then sold all around the country.



telemarketer are easy to deal with......
As soon as they start speaking, the disconnect feature goes into action and the call added to junk callers.
They do get smart in calling with new area codes and numbers but after 10 tries they do give up. So it's not really a big big time waster.
It goes in waves there are weeks when I have no junk calls and then there are some days where they are all out in full force.
But as I already said a fast disconnect takes care of these calls.


"Missed calls"? so what?  No message left on voice mail? so what?  I couldn't care less and I delete the numbers ASAP.  I'm a wicked small business; a "job creator" for my own employment, if you will.  And I have plenty of work; "lulls"? yeah, sure.  But I manage to make ends meet nicely in spite of them. 

I am looking carefully at my base labor rate now and will look carefully at the "year end" numbers when I close the books on 2015.  I have a very commendable "maintained mark up" on materials and it may well be time for "a raise" given the labor rates my "competition" now charges.  My basic monthly expenses are minimal and easily covered.

florida girl

I found an ap for my android phone, Whitepages ID and it tells me whos calling and whether it's suspicious. Works good.