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July 04, 2020, 10:29:29 am


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Last Ortho Appointment Today

Started by Virgs Sew n Sew, April 29, 2016, 06:04:43 pm

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Virgs Sew n Sew

Saw my ortho early this morning.  I was pretty sure it was going to be good news after I saw the x-ray.  Last visit I could see the break, smaller than the first x-ray but still apparent even to my untrained eyes.  Today's x-ray, I could not even tell for certain where the break had been so I was pretty hopeful.

Doc came in and looked at x-ray and told me that it had healed to his satisfaction.  Still have a list of don't do's.  No running, jumping, leaping, carrying heavy objects, etc.  But he said I don't have to wear the brace unless my leg starts bothering me.  Basically wear it when I need it, if I don't need it don't wear it kind of deal.  He's had me adjusting the bend of the knee and then doing leg lifts to help alleviate the muscle atrophy and I've been doing those bad boys until I'm sick of them.  Even if I'm dog tired, last thing before bed I've done reps of them.  So, to see if I need PT, he had me bend as far as I could which is pretty significant.  I had the brace on a 90 degree and was pushing back as hard as I could.  He also checked moving it to the sides (not an exercise I could work on) but I can do that to his satisfaction as well.  He said that he wasn't going to "order" PT but that if I don't like my progress to call him and he'll give me orders for it.

I walked out with my brace in hand.  As we walked out into the parking lot, a teenage boy was struggling with crutches and knee brace.  We stopped to chat and told him that it does get better.  His mom told us that she was so glad we had happened out as they were walking in as he's been really struggling with the lack of mobility and limited activities.  Then she whispered "He's been very crabby."  I bust out laughing and told her that I thought Bob would probably have said the same thing at that point in my recovery.  Then we booked off in the car and ran a couple of errands.  I left the brace in the hatchback of the car as kind of a positive vibe kind of thing that I won't need it.  If I do, I'll whine and send Bob out for it.

Now, back to work.  WHO HOO!

Fuck this place.


Back to the grind stone - toss the brace :)   -  Take Hubby for dinner -he's a good guy  - anywhere he wants - he pays of course -

Healing went quick but never quick enough -  makes you think about disability coverage when self employed.  I could never afford the insurance and hopefully I make it to Medicare without any incident. 

Does anyone have a disability policy - the ones I looked at had long grace periods - caps, and big deductibles.  At the time I inquired they were asking for approximately $ 300.00 / month to cover half my salary.  The numbers were out of my ability to pay.


Virgs Sew n Sew

I've also checked into that.  Mine was prohibitively expensive because I've got a fused back and also had a bowel obstruction which can reoccur any time it wants to.  So, I'm not good by the numbers.  I was lucky.  Just as I was about to go in the red, prom season came along and my machine lets you sew without using the pressure foot should you so desire.  So, I sewed up all the prom dresses I could get hold of.  Now I'm near broke again.  Fortunately, my landlord, aka hubby, isn't pressuring me for rent.  Once I get the barber chairs done and a couple of projects that have been on hold since Missy ran into me, I won't be flush with cash but I'll have enough for breathing room.  Plus have several other projects that are just waiting their turn.  I'm hoping to not ever have another 9 week unscheduled hiatus.  It was actually kind of funny as I was planning on taking a week off as soon as I got the two projects done.  9 weeks later, the projects still aren't done.  One should be finished by Monday and the other is a stinker so we'll just see how it goes.

Glad to be back pretty much full force.  My knee does feel like jello after walking around the grocery store with hubby.  I elevated it for an hour and then did some of the stretching reps and be darned if I'm going to wear the brace so now I'm down here roaring to work until supper time.  I did offer Bob a meal out but he had a roast out that needed to be cooked.  I'm sure he will redeem the eat out card at some point this weekend.

Fuck this place.


Right you are - I forgot about pre-existing conditions.  They were asking if I ever had any surgeries - smoked - or drank alcohol - but they didn't ask about work place environment ?  Premiums were not affordable. 
I see the Verizon folks now on strike.  Average salary w/benefits is $ 130,000.00 -  and they walked out ? 
The public thinks the self employed are doing so well - it's a struggle and balancing act to survive - not dismissing dust, fumes, and injuries -

The crazy thing is if I had it to do all over again I wouldn't change one thing one bit ! 


Darren Henry

Glad to hear you've recovered so well. I still remember the day I threw my walking boot in the corner and put on a real shoe after I broke my heel. It is a grand feeling isn't it?

Good luck with the projects now that you're back up to speed.
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