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July 08, 2020, 11:21:23 pm


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rain cover for pontoon front deck

Started by Judy_Boat, July 23, 2016, 05:24:59 pm

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I am doing a front rain cover for a pontoon boat. Boat sits bow high so all the rain water drains into the boat.
I have done one before, a wide panel that came off the front by the canvas and down to the edges. But it was a pain drilling and tapping the bumper edges for snaps.
Or could i just wrap the material around the corners and elastic or velcro under the corner?

Or is there an easy way to seal off the bottom edge of that front gate from the rain and avoid a cove completely?


on the aluminum floor frame drill a 9/64" hole and a normal 3/8" # 8 screw stud will screw in or you could rivet snap studs on

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Quoteis there an easy way to seal off the bottom edge of that front gate

The carpet still wicks water back into the boat. I converted a '27 into a live aboard for some friends a few years ago with the BBQ/grill on the front railing. They got tired of getting wet feet putting the coffee on and were having issues with algae/mold growing in the carpet. After several attempts to seal the door we opted to build a cover like you are looking at.
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Sure is a nice pontoon, must be a 30' looks long. Its a pain for a new owner for sure, It would raise some brows but the truth is always how we start to accept the task needed for a plan.
I would remove the front carpet, and using very close trimming at the rail base, hold on there.
When lifting the carpet with several helpers prior to a final trim apply some sealing adhesive like 3m-4000 apply some under the carpet "and base rail" maybe a bead so it is compressed upon retightening.
Probably 4 through bolts holding that front section to the floor/deck, maybe have to loosen a bit.
Now this front area is ready for a new drain plan!
It "wood" look better in teak.
A custom trench designed drain, Id have to look around a bit it could be discrete maybe.

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Installed a cover on a toon at a marina the other day . Came with all hardware , had to install some snaps. Studs supplied were the self drilling variety. Worked great and there were a ton left over for my stainless hardware tray . 
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