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July 05, 2020, 03:51:40 am


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Extremely Rare 1929 Marmon Roadster top Project Part Two

Started by NDAV8R, September 16, 2016, 03:21:47 pm

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Completed...from Part 1 http://www.upholster.com/upholstery-forum/index.php?topic=14196.0

Outside my shop...

Interior photo...

Rear seat for the Mother-in-law, and the trunk was a trunk...

The engine is a straight 8 but other Marmons came out with a straight 6 and the limos came with a V16....

Me, standing in front of this rare car. The Marmon Motor company built cars from 1903 to 1933 and like 2000 other small car companies, they succumbed to the great depression....

Strive for Perfection...Settle for Excellence!



That's a great job you did, big Thanks for sharing it.



That's a job to be very proud of -  the white walls, the top, grill and headlamps are incredible - glad you're preserving this old treasures


Ya, the headlights are monsterous. I dont think you can get replacements at AutoZone.  The Lightning Bolt insignia on the grill and bumpers were the Marmon trademark.
Strive for Perfection...Settle for Excellence!